matrix hovercraft #2

i think this movie is much better than the one at my old thread, so here is a new thread for the movie.
here it is:

stills will come later.

just a post to show my progress.





your allot beter! :smiley:

mmmmm…yummy. one crit…in the first pic, those 6 huge gun things need to either be sub-serfed, and you need to take of “set smooth”

(if you are going to subserf them:if they dont have many polies in the square part, just subdivide them, them sub-serf.

The idea and vision are there. With some work in texturing you could have a nice scene.

thank you.

i forgot: the movie is encoded in divx. you will need the newest divix codec.

for the comantary. tomorow the may vacation begins so i have a week and a half for blender. great :smiley: .

i subsurfed the guns and my hovercraft (thank you for the hint joguy923) but when i try to render the animation, blender crashed. HELP.
does anyone have crash problems too? or do you know how to solve it?
i work on a pentium 350 with windows 98 se.

U need a better system to really push blender to its breaking point, a 350 run Win98SE isnt going to cut it, not even with all the ram in can hold which im guessin is about 512mb, what you want to do is build a new one. You can make somthing twice as good for about 900 USD. 64mb Grpahics card is a must and so is 512DDR ram. Renders speed will double if you use a good bother board and get paired dual ram which shoudl run between 600 and 800 mhz. You need the right board to support such high frequency ram tho.


Sorry about the bad typing.

in that case i need a renderpartner. my parents and i dont have the money to buy a new computer. maybe next year when i get a job.

so if you want to help me you can p.m. me.

have you seen my posts :smiley: .

Although a new computer would be nice, Blender shouldn’t be crashing, it should just run slow.

Maybe your graphics card is choking. When you set the objects to subd, try leaving the realtime setting to 0 and the rendered setting to 2 or 3.

i really liked the animatin…good work

i thought that too zbgump. i used to model on a pentium 75 [!] laptop. that became tooooooo sloooooooooooow but no crash problems. ill try the setings.

nathan: thank you.

houston, we have a problem. my render crashes every time i do the secuence. when i render the scene only, nothing happens. is it divx. or subsurf with the many faces? i dont know it anymore. HELP.

what do you think. should i make something new or should i try to make someting of this?
i think there are too many mistakes made in this blend but also there is much time invested in this thing. so help me out.

Divx? Are you rendering to an AVI movie? If so, you should try rendering to an image sequence instead.

It only crashes when subsurf is on?

made my descision. i quit with this project. there was to little progress in the last two weeks. im not giving up the idea. only the movie. you can expect a matrix hovercraft 2.0 . the real reason is that i made a lot of mistakes in the .blend and i have to build something from scratch.

i thank everyone who placed commentary. it was very usefull.