Matrix like effect...

Ok yesterday i saw the movie: Shrek!
In the scene where the princess fight against “Robin Hood” at a moment she jump and the camera move around her. All the background is blur but she is not. Is there a way to make this? Ithink yes because I saw it in a the loki animation by ?monkey butler? So if someone know how plz tell me!! Thank you

Maybe this works:(didn’t try it)

Fixed camera, rotating scene, and time IPO for the object to freeze.

by that you mean: rotate the “background”, let the camera at the same location and dont move the carachter??? I dont think it work…

That depends on what you exactly want to do.
I don’t remember the sence in any detail.

Simplest case: Camera in motion tracking a moving object, object freeze (time IPO) camera and other objects move on. Than you should get a blur effect for the beckrground as well as for the object.

Case: Blur effect for background, moving object freezes but tracks the camera. this should work how described above.Blur for background, but not for the object.

Case: Blur for background, frozen object not tracking the camera but without blur (probably that’s what you want). I have no idea, except for blending two scenes in the sequenz editor. :frowning:

Yea the third is what I want to do…and I dont know how work the sequence editor… :frowning:

I’m not realy experienced with the sequence editor and that matrix stuff, but I had a quick try and it worked.

So, as long as nobody has a better answer here is what I did.

Movie with bouncing cube.

-Set up the scene, camera followed bezier circle path.
-Gave the cube a Time IPO with horizontal part between frames 101 and 160. Causes no motion during this time while the camera moves on. Forwards and afterwards the IPO had a gradient of 1 (normal speed).
-Made a movie of the bouncing cube from frame 1 to 100.
-Movie of the frozen cube (f 101-160) with its material set to OnlyShadow.
-Another movie of the cube( f 101-160) with reset material but without
background and decorations (background set to black, maybe white is
better, don’t know) saved this movie with RGBA.
-Final movie (f 161-200) of the complete scene, cube bouncing again.

Now, sequence editor.

-Opened new document.
-Opened sequence editor (movie strip icon,or Shift + F8)
-Opened Add sequence menu (Shift + A) and selected movie
-Imported all for movies and placed them in order, the second from f 101-160 in the second chanel above the first f 101-160, and selected both.
-Again Shift +A, selected Add. This is then placed as orange bar over the 101-160 movies.
Went to the render buttons, pressed DoSequence button (took care to have the same animation lenght as in the sequence editor) and pressed start.

That’s it.

I had some trubles with the colors. This may depend on the background color of the frozen cube, or its transperency, or I did choose the wrong transition (Cross or AlphaOver maybe better, don’t know).
I’m sorry that I had no time to figure this out, but in principle it should work this way.

This is no good. :frowning:

Just working on a better solution. :slight_smile:

Hi, here is my improved solution for the matrix effect (stop motion ?), that should work quite well.

-Set up your scene with animation
-Make in total three copies
-Render the complete length of the first copy with motion blur but without the moving objects
(Background Clip)
-Render the complete lenght of the second copy but without motion blur and without any background or
decoration. (BlackWhite clip)
Background color has to be set here to black, the color of the moving objects has to be set to bright white
The result should be a clip in black and white without any grey or color
(This clip is needed as a mask in the sequence editor)
-Render the complete length of the third copy without motion blur and without any background (black)
or decoration, but this time with normal color and texturing of the moving objects (Object clip).

This three clips go to the sequence editor (Shift+F8)

-From Add sequence menu (Shift+A) select Movie and place the Background Clip in chanel 1.
-Add BlackWhite Clip to chanel 2, right above the Background Clip.
-First select Background Clip, hold Shift and select BlackWhite Clip as second.
-From Add sequence menu select Sub (SUB 1-2).

If you now render the sequence (press Do Sequence in Display button and then Anim)
you should see your scene with black holes were the moving objects should be.
If this is the case, merge the two clips and the SUB sequence by selecting all three and typing M (Make Meta).
(merged sequence should go to chanel 1)

-Now, add Object Clip to chanel 2 right above the merged sequence.
-Select both sequences and from the Add sequence menu choose Add.

Rendering of this sequences should give a nice matrix like effect.

PS: How to freeze the objects depends on the type of animation (keyframe, path, particel)
I posted my view of this matter, lately.

WOW thank you very much!

anyone have a link to that loki animation?