Has anyone seen this?

I thought this was hilarious…

haha lol haha

the first time i saw that i just couldn’t stop laughing… hehe… it really is a classic…

I thought this was hilarious…

right you are…


Awesome, I’ve already recommended it to a few friends. :smiley:

That’s realy good. It would be better if it ran properly (blummin’ 56K modem)

hehehe, saw that off of - too funny

Yeah, it’s awesome, heh. I saw it a few days ago. I wonder if those guys know how popular this is.



How do you view it? I tried clicking on the link, but that brought up a cannot find server. Then i tried downloading it onto my desktop, but then it didn’t play and said it cannot find that specified file.


I wouldn’t know, do you have like, every codec there is to have? look for it on

anyway, why are they saying taco? they are going like “tacotacotacotacotaco taaaaaaAAaaaaa, Coooooo oo ooooo oh”!