Matrix Reloaded: Burly Brawl

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.BLend file comming soon! :smiley:

tell me how you think…

dude thats a sick replica, i love that movie, and that looks exacly like it. textures are really good, but the polycount a little high on that tree. great job dude, awsome. so what sort of game will this be, like action or versus?

OH WOW! thats so cool! I love the matrix:D

and that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the movies

hey, it looks amazing :eek: how create the textures, and shadowmaps?

I wonder what the FPS on that environment is?

Looks quite good so far, I’d love to see how it would perform when the OGRE engine is done being intergrated.

Wow, nice.

I was actually going to do the same replica, but I could never find the right textures.

Where did you find them?

I’m actually quite curious about your texture work too. Those are some really nice color maps.

Are those game engine screenshots? Somehow I picture a slideshow on my computer, and that’s without any animated characters. Let’s see, about 50 characters for the fight, that should drop it to one frame per hour. Pretty, though.

Sorry i didn’t make it clear, i was in a hurry last night to post this before i went to sleep…

those are game engine screenshots and runs at 80fps on a geforce6200 + Athlon XP 3200(2.2ghz)
even on a celeron 2.0ghz + Geforce5200, it averages at 30fps.

textures are either self-made or ‘borrowed’ from mayang’s texture lib.
all polygons are created by me, trees are generated using gen3.

Ironically, i failed to ‘replicate’ the burly brawl environment since i don’t have access to the movie, i was forced to watch the 9min action sequence on youtube… so i ended up making something of a mixture between the matrix and half life 2.

woah looks really nice exactly like it should

how fast does it run and whats your computer specs?

Icoxo, do you know what’s the ETA for the OGRE integration? Blender 2.43?

scabootssca, refer to the post above you. I posted answers to your questions just as you were formulating those questions :smiley:

The eta for ogre is as soon as august. So it could make it into 2.43. I would bet on a later release though.

So then all that lighting and shadows are baked, right?

What did you use to bake them?

I never realized what a difference FPS could be when you have a more powerful card, lucky you I only have a GFX 5200 (i’m hoping i’ll get a new card on my birthday, a thread in off topic said something about a 6600 only being 80 dollars)

The OGRE powered engine is going to be ready for testing by the end of August, the game engine should run a bit faster as the result but the moment I see a fast game engine build with OGRE i’m grabbing it to do gamework on.

Stella: wether or not it makes it into 2.43 may depend on if we have to wait another 6 months for a new release.

with ogre i think we’ll see a very large performance increase

Hehe, they have that place in the Matrix Online.

most of the lighting effect you see is a result of cleverly applied texture plus a sun lamp that influcences vertex colors. Only the ground texture has a ‘lightmap’ layer, this layer is created manually in Blender.

Yes indeed graphic cards makes a big difference when it comes to …generating graphics. I wouldn’t be surprised if the top of the line cards (7950GTX from Nvidia) can achieve 800fps in this scene.

Can’t wait for Ogre, since the current GE is no better than the original Quake2 engine graphic wise.

Well you also have to consider those who don’t have such a powerful card which means you shouldn’t stuff the scene until it’s 30 FPS on a 7950 even when OGRE is intergrated.
I may get a card of that power once the price has been dropping for a year or two, but right now it costs as much as an actual computer.

You also note that the game engine can now do GLSL shaders, but OGRE is coming in because the page on that states it would take an eternity to bring it up to date.

i have an old(i think) geforce2 mx/mx 400 and get about 20 fps in game with less than 1700 faces. i wish i knew what graphics card i can get

Ha, ha. I have the same exact card. That thing is ancient, looking at cards today. “Ancient”