Matrix Revelations

They’re busy with the 4th movie! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I was busy with a nice animation and got a bit sidetracked.
Blender internal + a little postpro (colour correction).

The images below are only part of the bigger image. Clicking them will take you to the complete picture.

All comments are welcome.

Oh my gosh not another Matrix film. I liked the first one, but I think it just got out of hand and the graphics on the last one sucked imo. Great work though.

Just to clarify one thing: as far as I know they’re not working on a new one (which is just as well, because the last movie was bad indeed). It was just a small joke of mine to present the image as the matrix part 4.

I’m glad you like the picture (no crits? :o ).

Geez, you had me excited for a minute. I thought they were actully making a 4th Matrix. :frowning:

Needs more flowing kanji, and it would be cool if you could get some real world objects constructed out of the flowing characters and numerals. At least you got the font spot-on (in post-pro, i assume?).

I tried to do something similar to this a while back. I wanted to make a panel full of the Matrix code but have the code line up to spell my website name in the middle. I was going to use it as a splash page. But I couldn’t get it to work. Anyone here know how I could do that?

wow that has great style man im lovin it! you oculd probably make a great wallpaper with something simila,r id chuck it on my desktop for sure =D

.:[email protected]:. something you could try is get a base texture for all the letters and number and apply it using whatever textures you’d want for making the nice electric colouring look, then make a texture of the name letters and apply it aswell with alpha setting, and ‘mul’ for the type of texture mix, this will make everything alpha except for the letters, then take down the slider 'i think its ‘var1’ or something like that near where the chouice of mix, mul add etc is, and slide it until you are happy with how much you want to blend in the rest of the numbers and letters, or if you want onmly the letters, keep it full.

Hope this helps, sorry to barricade your thread Crouch =/ ill be out of your hair now heheh.

Once again really cool =D

Judging by the toungue sticking out smilie I can tell you were kidding, but you almost did get me.

Aristotle: I’ll try if I can create some real world objects out of the characters, but it will be difficult. The font wasn’t added in post-pro. The main title is just blender’s text function.
I’ll have a look if adding more kanji (I didn’t even know that’s what it’s called) improves the image. I was afraid it would make the image too chaotic, but I can always try.

[email protected]: Sounds like you could use flash to do the job. Blender has the problem that it doesn’t recognise the kanji font and only produces blank squares. I solved this by using elephante.

LohnC: Thanks a lot! I’ll see what I can do for a wallpaper.

Kansas_15: :wink:

Looks quite good, imo. Revelations would be an appropriate title, as I could use some revelations on how they could take such a brilliant original idea and f*ck it up in the sequels. %| (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I tried to do it in Photoshop. But lining up all that text was getting very tedious. And I still couldn’t get it to look right. :expressionless:

Very cool Crouch :smiley: Looks like you got the lettering style there near perfect.

A while ago elsewhere online I playfully suggested the titles Resurrections and Revelations as possible IV and V parts of the overall story (which I felt was prematurely terminated with so much potential undeveloped). Now I think there’s a book out with the title too. Seems like a natural progression! :slight_smile:

Here’s my Google Groups post outlining the story extensions.

Basically in part four I have the Merovingian take control of Time in the matrix, a concept inspired by his dialogue in Reloaded ("Who has time? Who has time… but then, if we do not ever take time, how can we ever have time? "). The Merovingian wants to control the Matrix in my story, and with Neo thought to be gone he feels he can do so. He didn’t know Neo lived on at the Source in a digital afterlife scenario :wink:

…imagine the possibilities with that one :slight_smile: especially since Neo was supposedly able to see the world without time according to the Oracle in Reloaded: “You have the sight now, Neo. You are looking at the world
without time.”

The story link no longer works so here is a functional link at (for part four).

I had also written an Oracle and Architect encounter thing around the same time.

These were just fun little things written while waiting for renders to finish, but maybe fun for fans as far as fan fiction goes.

Well, keep up the good work!


Stupid test of 3d objects with <ahem>flowing</ahem> alphabet soup. I got lazy and only did 4 frames of text moving. About 5minutes to knock up a nice one would not be difficult.

Click here to watch 3sMatrixTest
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Wow, that’s pretty cool. The movie could do with some work, but for the rest, spot on. Keep up the good work! And Robertt, those are amazing! I’ve read them and they’re so cool! I wish you’d make some more :wink:

[email protected]: I once started in flash myself, but I also gave up halfway because it was such an enormous amount of work.

Robertt: I just read the first part of resurrections, it’s great! Are you still working on it? Or is it a dead thing? Anyway, this version of the picture probably goes better with your story.
How did you think up the title revelations? I stole it from the Myst series.

Chimpoid: It’s a good idea. I guess animated textures is the way to go. I don’t have much time at the moment though, so it will have to wait for about a week.

4Daniel: Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

I like the new pic, very cool. 8)
The numbers (2006) don’t look like they fit in quite right. Small crit, I know, and I haven’t seen their movie posters for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:
Great colour choice.

as for the movie: the letters should make less pixels in one frame, so there is more like a flow impression. now one letter is kinda replaced by another… and maybe make the anim faster?, and the letters smaller? and make objects transparent? and send me a pizza? …er… nvm, you know what to do :stuck_out_tongue:


If that’s the wee animation that I did, it was a 5 minuter. Not something I am going to ever do. Yeah, the lettering is wrong and the animation is 7 frames in total or something. It doesn’t glow or burn out as it trails.

In short it sucks but it was just a quick “Yes you can do it” post.


Thanks 4Daniel :slight_smile:
and thank you very much Crouch :smiley:

The new pic looks great with gold code going like that!

Glad you liked the story. It’s something I might revisit at some point if I get the urge.

So much was left unexplained in the trilogy (deliberately so in many instances) that I figured if the story were to continue it would have to reveal more of the mysteries of the matrix and its characters while advancing existing motifs, so Resurrections and Revelations seemed appropriate, especially since the other titles all began with the letter “R” :wink: