Matrix slow motion

Is it possible to get a matrix, slow mottion effect in the game engine?

If it has to be done in python, please post the exact script, I dunno anything in python. :frowning:

I wonder if you could slow the frame rate manually with the Blender.Scene.Render sub module.

For instance you could call a script after being triggered by a button or part in the game that would put a cap on the max of frames per second or fps.

As far as the script, some work would have to be done.

As I said before I don’t know any python but I understand a fps cap.That might work out pretty good.

I also remember seeing something like this with particles, I can’t remember how they did it.

Have you taken a look at the bullet time example here:

A simple (but crappy) way of doing this to have to do pause then resume scene in the intervals you want

if you want time to slow down by 1/2 or less it works OK, anything less than it and it becomes too laggy

The bullet time example there isn’t possible to use for armatures, unless I have double the animations that are slower. :frowning:

Where is the pause scene buttons at? Can you please explane a bit more please, mianly about how I should do the intervals.

All I want is the whole scene to slow down about half way when I press a button, and go back to normal after releasing it.

I seem to remeber you or SOMEONE asking this question a very very long time ago…

Anyways, the only problem with slowing the framerate is… everything is no longer based on framerate! So you’d just have choppy gameplay, everything would move the same speed…

The best option most likely is to have some sort of switch on everything, such as a Integer Proprety with 0 being bullet-time off and 1 being bullet-time on. Say you want to slow everything down to 50% speed. When bullet-time is set to 1, you could reduce gravity to half of what it was, change all animations to play another one that went half as fast, ect.


Wow first time someone referenced something of mine :smiley:

It was the best way i could figure out to get the effect and did realize that it is limited in its use but if there is a better way would love to here about it cause it a reallly kewl effect to have in games. :smiley:

Well, I got it to work except for the gravity using messages and two animations ( one slower and one faster).It works out pretty good.

Thanks for your help everyone.