Mat's box of shapes

This was a little project to see if I could create game ready assets using Blender rather than Maya.


This next project was to play around with visualisation using luxrender.

I think I’ll continue this project and see if I can do one of those arch vis shots.

Very cool! do you have wireframes?

As requested by Ben.

The latest one of the bathroom detail is on my blog.

I’m trying a more ambitious arch vis project this time.

The grass outside is just a test plane and the scenery beyond is fro the env map. Again rendered with Luxrender.

Fleshed out the lounge a little more.

House exterior. Also my first go at the sapling add-on.

For the breakfast room I’ve opted for a lighter furniture set. I think it’s nice contrast to the heavy Le Corbusier lounge.


Breakfast room and exterior

Nice photography Mat! :smiley:

All kidding aside, verrry impressive, especially the rendering…all Lux?

re: “This was a little project to see if I could create game ready assets using Blender rather than Maya”
How did that work out?

re: “This was a little project to see if I could create game ready assets using Blender rather than Maya”
How did that work out?[FONT=sans-serif]

Basically blender does everything Maya does, in most instances better some instances worse. For instance the normal texture baking in Blender is a real weak point because there’s no anti aliasing so I had to bake at x4 size to get a decent map. But the things like the array modifier and sculpting are great in Blender.

I started using Blender for it’s fluid systems and hadn’t even considered using it for modelling until someone I worked with at Blitz used it to make the Dragon boss in Epic Mickey 2. He showed me some cool stuff Blender had and that’s why I’ve gone on a bit of a Blender bender.

The space stuff was all done in Cycles, all the other images are Lux which I’ve been very impressed by.

Breakfast room detail.


…I started using Blender for it’s fluid systems

Do you have any Physics sims posted? That was/is the main attraction for me, too.

Looks like you’ve pretty well mastered modeling, mats, and rendering. :wink:

I’m not really focused on the VFX stuff at the moment. Let me explain; I spent 10 years as a environment/vehicle artist at Sony and Blitz Games studios. As there was a shortage of VFX artists I started doing VFX stuff. I become a VFX artist then after a couple of years being a VFX artist the studio closes down. So now I’m looking around at the jobs market and there seems to be more opportunities for hard surface modelling than VFX so I’m working on my, slightly neglected, modelling portfolio with eye to going into the arch vis field.

If you’re interested in my VFX stuff you can see a showreel at,

Or more modelling work at

Thanks for the links…very accomplished in everything.

Good luck in the job hunt, and always have fun.:smiley:


Hope you like.


Excellent modeling, lighting and texturing … just brilliant stuff inside this thread. Thx for sharing MHarwood … i hope there is more to come :smiley: :wink:

Just posted some info on the breakfast room image over on my blog,, for anyone who’s interested.

Another year another room. A bedroom in the shabby chic style. This is a bit of a WIP but I can’t be bothered to open another thread, this one’s quite comfortable.

A little detail from the bedroom. Luxrender really does a good job with glass.

Unfortunately the necklace clasp lost it’s silver material so it’s imperfect but worth showing. I might try it again with a slightly less contrasty marble so the caustics show up better.