MATSpider materials

(nozzy) #1

Iam having problems getting MAtspider’s materials to show up in my lightflow renderings. :frowning:
I don’t have any problems building a material in MATspider and copying the python in the exported file, but how iam i surpose to link the material libarys from MATspider so they show up. Ive been through all the docs to both LF and MATspinder but i have had no joy. Does anyone know of any docs or tutorial that explain the procedue, or if they can themselfs can point me in the right direction i’ll be a happy man :wink:

(eeshlo) #2

You also have to assign the name of the MATSpider material to the object you want to use it on. If you look in the python file output by the script, you will see that all objects have this piece of code:


‘name’ is where you put the MATSpider material name.

(nozzy) #3

Great thanks for the pointer :smiley: