Matt Ebb is moving on :(

Here is the sad news. :no:

All the best Matt!

Got scared there for a moment. I thought it said “moved on” :eek:. It’s amazing how much he’s done lately for Blender. A change of environment is good for the soul. All the luck to Matt on forward.

Since his contract his up maybe he’ll be going back to Promotion studios or a similar studio in his area.

He also mentioned that it’s not going to be the end of his contributions, though I would think that the future contributions will be more along the lines of rendering as was seen in a number of his previous contributions to the code than the UI and events system.

I could even see him assisting Brecht when he has time on the shading refactor, anything is possible since he’s not going to be contributing according to a contract description.

Definitely a Blender legend. One to watch in whichever next projects he’s in. Keep us posted Matt!

Awful grateful for all his efforts of course. Wow, 350 bugs fixed. And that’s one man alone. Never knew Blender sucked that much XD

So long, and thanks for all the fish…

Part of it also being that nearly every new feature had some bugs of some sort to work out.

The other part being that nearly everything had bugs and also may have caused crashes in the early days of 2.5 being at the point where you can even use it for simple things.

His work is part of the reason why 2.5 is very usable today, of course also mentioning the many other devs. who helped out.

I know how he feels. I am the same way, a hybrid of technology and design.

Maybe a future project can focus him again to work for Blender directly.

Jeezz, you don’t have to be all serious about it. It was a joke… never mind… the moment is gone…

Yea, I also know how he feels. I can code from time to time, but doing it full-time makes me go crazy! And anyway I like his projects he is working on so I’m glad he has some time for artistic work! Thanks for your commitment so far, Matt!

Thanks for the kind words everyone, it’s appreciated!

I am 100% sure you will land a great gig with an artistic, creative company! Weta, Lucas, Asylum, all the greats would be foolish not to at least put you on retainer.

The Foundation should hire Raul Fernandez (Farsthary).

Thank you Matt for your work (past, present and future) and to the BF and anonymous sponsor. All the best to you, and like others have stated I’m sure you’ll get a good job soon.

I just seen this on BlenderNation:

for those of us who didn’t know exactly what you’ve been up to, so thanks for that too.

thanks, matt, for improving and bug fixing blender

and also to those who are still there, allowing us to enjoy a great software. I use 2.49b and, aside its missing features and idiosincrasies, its a solid program, reliable and fun to work with.