Matt Heimlich - Sketchbook

Time to start sketching!

An older project I’m still working on (and one of the few not lost in my great HDD disaster). Waiting for some SSS speedups to move forward with shader development.

Another shot of the same character. Obviously.

creepy work,look forward to more :wink:

I’m working on another horror character for a possible tutorial series showcasing complete character creation from concept all of the way to adding to real world footage. I’ve finished up to the base sculpt of the upper body. I’m not happy with the legs in the concept drawing though, so I’m playing with some different possibilities. I’ll keep updating as I get stuff done. Concept sketch was done in SketchBook Pro, base model and base sculpt done in Blender. Retopo and UVs will either be done in Blender or 3DCoat, and detail sculpt will be in ZBrush.

Warning: I’m not a fantastic 2D artist.

Great start. Keep posting!
“Waiting for some SSS speedups to move forward with shader development.”

It takes less than the time you have to wait for speedups. LOL

Great stuff for sure! :smiley:

Just finished the base sculpt. Time for retopo. Going to give some of the new tools in Blender a go. If they’re a bit slow I’ll just jump into 3DCoat.

Just finished the retopo. I ended up doing it in 3DCoat just because of the speedy tools. The asymmetry of the head and the complicated structure of some of the body parts led to some less-than-ideal topology, but not enough to mess anything up I don’t think. UVs are laid out as well. Time to jump into ZBrush to reproject from the original dynatopo sculpt and then get going on the detail sculpt!

Finished my first detail sculpting pass. I’m happy with how it’s coming along so far.

Model is now completely painted and has a microdetail sculpt pass as well. Now, on to rigging! Or maybe shader creation. I haven’t decided what to tackle next yet.

The more I looked at it the less and less I was happy with the paint, so I scrapped it and started over. I also broke the mesh up into different components (arms, legs, torso, head) to get more detail out of each part. I am aiming for a crazy level of detail here now. Spent the morning painting the head, I’m still not done with it though, it looks a LOT better IMO though. I’ll update with an image when I get it where I’d like it to be.

New paint/detail for the head. 10 million polys.

Kind of reminds me of Cao Hui’s work.

I’d never heard of Cao Hui, very cool stuff! Thanks for sharing.

… It just stops. I was looking forward to see how the finished result would turn out, oh well.

Will you render it in cycles?
Or arnold?

A little teaser for the upcoming release of the improved skin shader :wink:

I recommend looking at the full sized render.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, so I figured I’d throw something new in. I’m working on a new head model to use in the docs for the skin shader release. WIP, obviously.

And some wires…

Spent the past couple of days painting in Mari. Far from finished, but I got impatient and had to do a test render :slight_smile: