Mattakkione - Sketchbook

Hi everybody! I’m trying my hand at sculpting. This is Alexander The Great from the anime Reign: The Conqueror, character design from Peter Chung.
I’m calling it done, I’m not interested into texturing because I’m aiming at 3D printed models…too bad I don’t own a 3D printer LOL! C&C welcome! Also I’m still studying anatomy and I need to move forward and if I start being a perfectionist I will feel stuck. I’ve neglected the eyes and the hairs a bit, hopefully the next ones will look better.

Oh well I really need to work on my presentation skill :slight_smile:

Skeetchfab link:
Feel free to download the model if you like it!

EDIT: it’s all Blender 2.91, and I forgot to decimate the model! Definetly it’s time to go to sleep :slight_smile:

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Here it comes Klito!
As always I get tired if I spend too much time on something so I rushed the hairs and the hairy bits.
I added a plinth, maybe I will revise it in the future.
For the brave ones, here’s the sketchfab link, feel free to download the model and feel free to give feedbacks!
Pictures time!