Matte finish car shader

So, I’ve searched the forums, and found lots of great car shaders. I’m trying to reproduce this matte finish:

I tried using ElBrujo’s basic car shader and tweaking it for matte instead of gloss clear coat, but the car comes out looking like plastic:

Should I add a texture to give it scratches and something to break it up? I need help, because I want this thing to look professional for a commercial. Asking the experts here for help!

Getting closer but still looking off:

Here is the node setup I used (monsterdog’s car paint with flakes modified):

…but the car comes out looking like plastic…

Which it might be, actually.
First one did not look too bad imho.

I think I might stick with what I have now:

Moving on to shading other parts until I can figure this out.

I have found that matte finishes on metal are convincing with a glossy shader, roughness turned up to 0.8 or 0.9 and fresnel blending it with a glossy of less roughness. If you want to try that. I guess you are doing something like that anyway only more elaborate.

@Druban - Thanks for the advice! I put the roughness up fairly high to get the matte look. 0.8 or 0.9 made it look too plastic-y, so I dropped it to about 0.4 to get the look I have now.

@Eppo - I saw that thread, and that’s where I found monsterdog’s flake material. I saw the carbon fiber, and decided against doing that because the UV unwrapping was getting messy.