Matthew Dizon - Sketchbook

GunWitch WIP 1
Decided to take on the ArtStation Wild West Realtime Character Challenge.
Using a Zbrush > Blender > Substance Painter > Marmoset workflow. My usual used to be Maya > Mudbox. This pressure allowed me to improve and learn in a short amount of time.

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Quick Sculpting, learning how to sculpt in Blender 2.8.



Oh a face… Needs hair!

Hair Done!

Wow what am I doing hahaha

Alright still getting there

Made some more progress

Tweaked the Body a bit

Grew the Arms!

Legs Grown!

Refined Pelvis, butt and Feet a little more

Self Review: I’m too attached on each piece and limb, I should be quickly modelling each piece in its ‘1st level’ not refining each limb as I find myself going back and forth re-doing things over and over again. I shall keep a ‘balance or harmony’ next time making sure each part is at the same level and advancing the whole model equally.

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Optimist: Hands…are…hard…
Pessimist: Hands…are…the…WORST

Box Modelled the hands, because it feels easier to extrude the fingers out then snake hooking.

Well it could’ve been worse… the thumb is dislocated lol

Hmm never refined a hand to this level before. Definitely a lot of room for improvement.

Hands, hands, hands.

Self Review: Ok a lot of work on the hands, I shall leave it on that level and get to refining the rest of the body for one more pass before the final.

Still sculpting a female character

Most of body refined, next things to focus is Arms, Neck, Face then Hair

Esper Destorova WIP 2 - Still Working on this dude

Retopo from Sculpt

Bake from High to Low Poly

Texturing in Substance Painter Progress

Back to more modelling, I want to add some extra details to this model and tweak some things

Esper WIP 3 - Torso Leather Belts

Now UV Mapping.

What it looks like on Esper

Female Character Sculpt WIP

Moving to ZBrushCore to finalise everything because Blender is becoming ridiculously slow. ZBrushCore is actually ridiculously fast, doesn’t lag at all. But no Dynatopo. Ah well… I guess that whole restitch and bring back to Blender and stuff was kinda pointless.

I spend way too much time tweaking the face. This needs to stop! The reason why I can’t stop is that I’m never certain of the unknown end result or have enough experience to identify what is a good 3D face…

Because of this uncertainty I need to be flexible and leave the face as it is now until texture, once in its textured form I can see with greater info how else I should tweak the facial structure.

Worked on Leather Torso Belt Apparel

Modelled and UV in Blender, then textured in Substance Painter.
Marmoset Toolbag for the Rendering

Fixed the silhouette more to use basic shapes and anatomy.

Next Up is to work on the hair!

Using Paths and Bevel Curves I will make the hair. In addition I’ll use normally sculpted masses to assist increasing the volume of the hair.

Paths and curves will be for the smaller and intricate strands.

Most importantly I need to make a plan of the strands, there is logic behind hair as explained by YanSculpts.

Sculpted the base structure of the hair I will use to follow the paths

Using this tutorial:

I made the medium and intricate layers of the hair from just the base strands.

Converted to polygons with low res. The Topology is actually decent, I shall stick to it. I just had to decrease the Path and Circle Res.

Apparel Time!

Futaba Sakura Fan Art Sculpting Phase Done

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Retopo progress of Futaba Fan Art

Still Retopologising Futaba

I’m nearly there, progress is slow, really slow, I am taking forever… ah well.
Some addons I might next time when retopologising in another project would be

  1. SpeedRetopo(free)
  2. Mira Tools (free)
  3. Retopoflow (free on github or paid on blender market)

I decided not to use Retopoflow because it was still in Alpha for Blender 2.8.

Decided to add some extra mesh details for the fur, rag, and other extras.

Royal Courtyard Floor Decor

Decided to make a decor object for my upcoming Garthos idea (Royal Palace courtyard environment). It is a clock on the floor.

In the past month I have finished retopologising Futaba Sakura, then UV Mapped her.

During this phase, I’ve had new ideas on how to present the end result, at first I just wanted to create additional fan art into her (Aloy from Horizon and then D.Va from Overwatch) but then I’ve decided to change the route to making a Live 3D Wallpaper on Sketchfab, just the pure concept of Futaba Sakura and no additionals, something like you’d see in the League of Legends login.
So I got to working on the environment around her. I’ve heavily planned this all to fit the 50mb free user limit of sketchfab, hopefully I won’t pass it and still retain good quality. I’ve made sure I’m mirroring UV spaces and giving the important pieces more space.

Now to the Texturing phase!
First off I’ve baked Futaba in Substance with her high poly. This is the result.

Something went wrong, her leg details did bake properly.
For the next week I aim to complete the environment texturing, then start Futaba’s texturing.

As a side sculpt I also made this

Imported into Substance Painter and baked the maps

Shoved quick textures

Shoved in more quick textures

… it is a light show…

Next, I’ll go back to Blender, re-organise everything then fix the colours to work together.

I need to work on perfectionism, I shouldn’t waste anytime on colours, kept going back and forth on choosing colours, but I can’t see the full layout yet. The level hasn’t been created and I’m just trying to figure out if 2 objects will go well together with a colour palette plan. But definitely should just quickly place the colours and not care until everything is all laid out.

Afterwards I’ll get onto texturing Futaba.
Which I fixed the baking issue from last time, turns out it was because I left the body and clothes non-selectable which excluded it from the high poly export.

Finished the Environment layout, next will need to change the materials and colours until I feel like it blends well together.

Started texturing Futaba in her Base Materials.

I’ll be taking a break from the texturing phase for now and I’m just going to work on learning how to Rig and Animate in Blender. I’ll use Futaba as the starting point for the Blender Rigging.

Learning how to Rig

Will continue with hair bones, facial etc and get onto weight painting.

Then will get back to the texturing

Been using this holy grail of a tutorial to help me

Already knew rigging and animation from Maya but Blender is new to me