[mature] Delirium - complete horror survivor

(Moderator’s Note: This game has received a [mature] tag because it contains gore, nudity, and mature plot themes. Please do not download it if you are offended by or prefer not to view such content.)

My Horror Survivor made by 100% Blender , download here :


Thanks Blenderians Friends !!!

Screenshot’s please?

Looks like a rar with a lot of dll’s and no actual game. It’s easier on everybody if you just release the .blend, that way mac and linux users don’t have to go the extra step to play, and you don’t have to bundle all the dlls and forget the exe.

Great game! Worked perfectly in 32 bit Widows Vista.

Ah, the exe wasn’t visible because it doesn’t have a name (and mac hides dot files)

please release a .blend, I don’t want to take that extra step to convert it to a .blend… You know the .exe doesn’t secure your file… I can easily open it up as a .blend if I wanted to :\

It sounds like it’s a cool game! Please release a .blend :smiley:

I think you can run windows .exes on intel-macs, just open them with blenderplayer, although you may have to restart your computer afterwards.

woot a finished horror game for blender finally! I been waiting for something liek this! Thanks ima try it out!

um… this is the finished game area, and this doesn’t come close to being finished;

-i found myself pressing the LMB 15 times before the gun actually fired.
-the textures are photo-realistic(not a gud thing noob).
-the models are unseamingly inappropriate, and i’m not even religious.

Get a moderator to move this back to the WIP section so that its not mistaken for a game.

for though, its pretty gud.

I couldn’t even play lol. It was prbly just me, but the camera was over sensitive XD For the first few moments it was fine until later after moving around, the camera went berserk. Just a small movement of the mouse and I’d find the camera looknig at a spot i have no idea where. sometiems it would be behind him, upside down, and etc.

Well, it worked for me.

I would say that the game needed at least some basic shading, this would soft a little the differences between photo-textures and drawn-textures, besides the shadeless things (as characters) don’t help for this kind of game.

The game controls need some severe fixes, the mouse is in fact over-sensitive and the attack in fact works bad (unless that’s the idea seeing the plot XD, but in general this ain’t a good idea).

Modelling in general is good, and even if textures style is mixed the environment and music gave a creppy feeling.
Talking about textures, they need to be optimized for game making, most of your seeming too high resolution, remember that no matter how big you put a texture on the BGE, it will be rendered downsampled because of graphics limitation, you got to make them as power of 2 (2x2, 4x4, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64,128x128,256x256,512x512,1024x1024)

As Helloo said, the erotic stuff on it is way over the top, there a huge difference between mature and … well you get the idea, and there may be people who wont like the idea of fire fighting on a church, there are children, and their parent looking besides them sometimes, that come to this forums you know? There are other ways to show the same ideas.

Besides that, Is nice when someone gets to end a game, keep blending. It can get better.

sounds like a good game, however 4shared is aboslute trash, use mediafire, or rapidshare. something like that.



Well, the mouse had no cap on it, I had to click the mouse twenty times each time I attempted to fire the weapon, and I am sure if I made it past the first few vitrual-feet without becoming frustrated I would have eventually found something offensive.

toy with the friction so the guy doesn’t slide, and does the mouse have to be so sensitive?

How do you select play on the main menu?

I didnt find it scary, at all…

I would have used the sfx and music better, it seemed to lack in sfx a lot, and there was hardly any music, so overall it lacked any atmosphere, something very important for a horror game. Better lighting and sfx would have helped a lot.

And I couldnt find any trace of ‘mature plot themes’ :confused: Lol I couldnt find any trace of a plot for starters. Maybe I didnt play it long enough?

Sorry if thats a bit harsh, this game is better than a lot of others ive seen around, and its good to see something ‘completed’, rather than ditched half way though and forgotten.

If you havent already, play a game called Penumbra:Overture, take note of how they use all the elements of the game to generate suspense, fear, and a massive amount of atmosphere.

The game wasn’t creepy, like when I was walking around and saw the leech, I’m scared of leeches :p, but seeing those leeches was how scared I was when I saw the first boss of zelda wind waker… and I’m 13, it it’s actually really good to see a horror game in the finished game sections, but I’ve played it and I don’t know what it is, because I was never scared of walk around the next cornor…

I’ve seen my cousin play resident evil, I was 8 back then, and I remember he was walking near a window and a zombie wolf jumped out of it and it scared me! The wolf looked sooo nasty, I don’t know what a horror game is, but that’s how I think it is…

For the logic,

  1. The mouse is too sensitive I rather be first person then 3rd person because I can see better in first person
  2. The leeches were good, but they are leeches they should be able to climb up walls or stick on ceilings, that would of made it more creepy for me.
    3.You had a lot of sl*ts in there 0.o, but the first one I saw kind of looked like a man with a ripped shirt, and I didn’t notice it was a women when I got near it, I know graphics aren’t essential in a game, but it is in a horror game, because that’s what makes a horror game a horror game… I think :slight_smile: I haven’t played a lot of horror games in my life…

Although, the leeches ideas is very good! That can make a good thriller horror game! You just need some story! Otherwise, the above needs to be improved, and it’ll make this game pretty scary to me :), but take it from the masters, they played more horror games that I’ve had, so I may be off :slight_smile:

Good luck with your crits!

Please give us some screens!


Is there a way to kill the bad guys? they don’t seem to die. ever.

I unloaded half my ammo into one and he kept following me.