Mauser C96 (Newbie)

Hey guys so ive been studying Games design at college and have only recently started delving into the realms of 3d modeling as i felt this was a area id love to specialize in! I have been doing some basic weapons in blender and this is my newest piece to my collection… its still a work in progress but i wondered what you guys thought?

(any criticism is welcome)


It looks nice, some wireframe shoots would be nice to see and also some renders :smiley:

Looks good so far. I’ve modeled it myself in a low poly form. Albeit the Star wars version. :slight_smile:

Depending on what you intend to do with a model, the underlying topology can be important. For example if you’re passing your work on to someone else to edit. Or you want to create something more detailed, using the sub-surf modifier. Which doesn’t always work well with ngons or triangles.

Han Solo’s pistol! Hell yeah!