I am an Xtreme N00B with blender. I started in February, and got the basics down really quick. Texturing drives me insane and I have horrible models. I’m making a model of “The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus” for school, and I need some serious help. I intend to add pillars and statues once I figure out how.

I really need help.

And for those of you that remember Lando, I am his “apprentice”.

hmmm…its hard to comment on the model without a wireframe but it appears to be a bit uneven. The materials I won’t commment on as you havn’t finished the modelling yet, but the lighting definately needs work. Though you seem to be using the Spot GI method I pointed out to you in the Blender Guide, it seems that you need to edit the Clipend level of the spotlight that is parented to the icosphere to a number more around one hundred.


EDIT: ah, i see you updated it now. Well the lighting is certainly much better now, but there arn’t really any changes to the model. A wireframe would be helpful.

Yeah, we need a wireframe.

What do you mean by wireframe? Like, a screenshot of it in wireframe mode?

Yeah, here’s a possible idea that might help.

Take a sheet of paper and write down everything about the image as it is now which “feels wrong.” When you look at anything and try to interpret it, you draw upon your entire life-experience of looking at such things, and when something “doesn’t ring true” you feel it even if you don’t know it; that is, even if “you can’t put your finger on it.”

Write those things down. It helps considerably in seeing them.

Well the texture is definately wrong. I don’t know how to texture at all, or put in little detailed ledges like in Lando’s lighthouse. I know I need to add pillars, though. The lighting I think is pretty good. I want to make it near an ocean, and you will be able to see cliffs on the bottom part of the pic, and it will continue up the left.

Oh, and here’s a wireframe snapshot-

Here is a link to the picture I am basing this on- And here’s the mausoleum with the recently added pillars-

Here’s a guestion for anyone. How come the cliffs are chopped off? They aren’t suppose to look spikey like that. Its like my camera can’t see farther away stuff.

Oh, check the camera properties and I think there’s a clipping plane option.

I don’t know… but i fixed the problem. It had to do with clipsta and clipend… it just wasn’t far enough in clipend. I’m really a n00b, so i don’t know if thats the same thing as what you said :slight_smile:

Heres what im turning into school-