Max (character) for Maya for Blender project!

You heard right, I recently asked the author of MAX, which was originally a studio max rig, if I could port his character to blender.

Unfortunately, he did not have the time to export the model, and I don’t have studio max (was given the go ahead however). Though, I did manage to find a maya port of the character; exported it at a friends house.

My knowledge of rigging is limited, and skinning as well.
However I do have an idea on what controls there should be etc.

The question being if someone out there…or more than one person would like to help in bringing this character to blender.
I believe having more than one person would expedite the process.

Right now my request is for someone to weight pain the model.
Credit will be given along with the original author.

Here is the model as of right now in blender.

big image, oops

Blend will be posted if someone has interest.

Thank you.

I don’t get the no forks if blend is posted please part, what license is the original model released under?

It kind of seems like you’re trying to control the port by wrapping it in a © while expecting others to do the hard work for you. I wouldn’t mind rigging it but not if I’m just ceding my work to someone else’s copyright control.

True you asked Peter Starostin(?) for permission but that’ll only get you so far if you don’t know how to rig…

oh no, guess I worded it incoreclty, just trying to keep the stuff in one plce so it all gets put together. :slight_smile:
and am skinning it as well, just though it would be faster with some help.

i am interested if it is under cc-by-sa or more permissive license.

I’m quite sure that I’ve seen that cesio or someone else might’ve already ported this rig to Blender. Search these forums for a thread on this. It would’ve been in the last year of so IIRC.

I will look into it, and will ask the creator about the license.

Would certainly cut things short if the work was already done. :stuck_out_tongue:

interesting to know.

Update -------------------

Yup, you were correct on the rig already being ported. so consider this posting redundant, lol.
Link to the cesio max rig