Max crashing when exporting a mesh from blender

Hey everyone,
When I import an fbx coming from blender into a max scene and then try to export the meshes as an fbx from Max it crashes. I tried many things like exporting from blender with a single material, deleting extra UV sets, deleting vertex groups etc … Nothing did the trick…

Has anyone had this problem before ? Thanks :slight_smile:

try a convert to poly in max before exporting
and in max it’s best to export in old format, like fbx 2012
did you try other formats like obj?

Hey thanks for the reply ! I just tried deleting all my vertex paint channels in blender and it worked. So it has something to do with vertex color translation between blender and max.

converting to edit poly and fbx 2012 didn’t work :confused:

you can export vertex color with alembic, it may work
can’t make test, don’t have max at home

I’ve had this happen many times. Check your face normals, check loose geo ie single verts floating edges. I’ll try an think of other things it could be.
Also on gum road there is a Max <> Blender bridge call Max Connector I believe. Get that it is amazing I use it everyday for work.
Edit: Found it.

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Ok so what did the trick for me was to add a vertex paint (alpha) modifier and then a vertex paint (color) modifier to all the meshes and only then Max will export everything correctly.

Very interesting. I would never have guessed that. I’ve never come across that solution. Do you have a thought about why those fixes worked?

I think the vertex color modifier is a way to translate the vertex color information between Max and the other softwares but I’m not entirely sure…

Ah ok, i’ve never tried to transfer an object with a vertex paint. Good to know. Thanks, glad you found the fix.

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thanks for your help !