.max file conversion

(Santiago) #1

I see a lot of models in a format whose files end with .max. Is there a converter which will covert these to a format which blender reads (for example, 3dx)? I’ve been using Accu-Trans, which is a great little program, but it doesn’t appear to recognize these files.

(OTO) #2

A converter for max files!!!?? Never heard of it!!
If you have MAX (not expensive anyway ah ah) save your objects,
one at a time in .3ds format or dxf
This way you have some nice converters to ex: Crossroads

(seval) #3

I know…sort of sucks…does it not ?

(ed26) #4

theres a prog called 3DExploration which converts a lot of files including VRML 1 and 2, DXF, and 3ds. unfortunately its not freeware.

(Santiago) #5

Nope, I don’t have Max. But I’ve found a number of models I’d like to convert to Blender which are in max. In fact, it seems like every time I find just the model I’m looking for, it’s usually in max.

In this case, I was looking for a model of a pickup, the sort of thing some guys modify extensively. If I don’t find one pretty soon, I may go out and take the dimensions off my Nissan! :wink:

(sonix) #6

:frowning: You can’t convert .MAX files unless you have 3dsmax on your computer, it’s in the programming. Find .3ds files or LWO or DXF…etc.

Sorry to break it to you, but I spent a month searching for any converter that would work without having 3dsmax on my machine.
There just isn’t one, so don’t waste your time. :-?

I use this free converter, for .3ds, .lwo, some maya, and lots of others to import to Blender, but not .MAX.
Get Accutrans3d here:- http://www.micromouse.ca/index.html


(adyus) #7

i’d be willing to try and convert the objects in that file to .3ds, as I just aquired 3ds max(don’t ask me how :wink: ). but it would take at least a week, cos my system is ruined and i gotta reinstall

(Santiago) #8

Thanks good knowledge to have (that Max must be installed to do the conversion). I appreciate the offof conversion, but it’s a longer term thing … it seems I’m always running into models in .max I’d like to convert. I suspect the best plan is for me to learn to get along without them.javascript:emoticon(%27%3AP%27)