Max from "Sam & Max"

tell me what you think and ideas on how to make him better

don’t tell me about his theeth his theeth are supposed to look like that

> don’t tell me about his theeth his theeth are supposed to look like that

I always wondered what theeth looked like :wink:

Muh Wah Wah

But seriously…

So this is a character from a tv show? I’ve never seen it, so maybe it’s perfect.

I would round his arms and legs a bit more,
tweak the wrist area
and maybe taper the tops of the ears a bit.

looks nice, theeth are correct indeed, but perhaps you’d wonna tweek the limbs & joints a bit.

and i guess he had slightly larger ears.

will you do some crazy kickass twisted animations with it ???

looking forward to it :wink:

his torso,legs, and feet seem a bit to large.

Looks good so far but could use some tweaking.
I would definantly tweak the joint areas. Also, his torso and legs seem a bit to big. Maybe skinny him up a bit.
I bet a cel-shaded Max would give him a nice effect considering he was more of a cartoon in the game series.
Keep it up, I can’t wait to see the fnished result. :slight_smile:


I may weep openly.

I’m taking a look at my well worn copy of The Collected Sam & Max: Surfing the Highway, and I believe I can offer some suggestions:

His feet and limbs are a bit more narrow, and his knees have a pointy look to them. Also ( as others have mentioned) his head should be a bit larger, and a bit more round. The version you have here looks like his profile would suggest that of a throat losenge. From the front, his face looks great though.

As excellent a display of a hyperkinetic-rabbity thing as we are likely to see this side of Cleveland, Ohio. My only question is, where DOES he keep his gun?


For those not in the know, Sam & Max are simply the most hilarious characters in all of litter…I mean literature! Long before Max showed up in every Lucasarts release over the past decade, the Freelance Police were a great source of comic book mayhem.

I think its head should be bigger. It looks like its proportions are not right.

I like the theeth, they are very cool.