Max Hammond - Blender Rigging Reel - 2011

Hi Guys

I just finished my 2011 Blender Rigging Reel, if you want to see it its over on vimeo:

I have also just finnished the Animation Mentor character animation program “all animations done in Maya.”:


That ant rig is amazing. Found your old thread on that now and am checking it out.

I assume this is still not possible in 2.5?

Hi Max,

Thanks for sharing.
your rigging reel and animation demo reels are inspiring.

So, where do you go from here? Are you looking for a job? Working on a short film of some kind? Tutorials?

@ Rcpongo
Thanks for the comment, as far as I know the rig will not work in 2.5 but only because 2.5 is different rather than it not being capable.

@ Unhurdof
Thanks for the kind comments. I am job hunting at the moment, I have applied for a few local jobs just waiting to hear back from them now. I am also working on a short film at the moment but im still trying to nail down my ideas, so its very early stages. I have a list of tutorials i need to do, I promised a friend I would do one on “Maya > Blender-Anisculpt > Maya” workflow so that might appear soon. Im also doing alot of freelance character modeling and texturing for IPhone games using Blender and Unity. But there still under an NDA.

Heh, gotta love those non disclosure agreements. :slight_smile: But yeah, you’re one of the poster children for success with Blender. Modeling, rigging, animating…and soon film making. Nice. As a fan of NPR, I really dig the toon style rigging you’ve done here. It would be awesome if you published some commercial video tutorials. I’d definitely buy it. Anyways, congrats on graduating from AM, and for all of your success so far. Any studio would be lucky to have you and I wish you continued success. You should note Blendernation about your demo reels and your graduation. They’re definitely headline worthy accomplishments for Blender users, and it may help you find a job quicker. Cheers.