Max import/exporters

Why aren’t there any .max impor/exporters?

.max file format is not documented and only the 3DS Max dev team has the format description.

That’s why it is not possible to do an importer/exporter (assuming reverse engineering is very hard on this file type).

-for static meshes, you can export an OBJ -will preserve quads- and import with import plugin for max.

-for character with bones and weights, I don’t know if der_ton will release a md5 importer for Max, as he said he wanted to wait till doom3 were released. (I think the format has changed, though) If so, you could use: the md5 export for blender. And then import with the also der_ton’s importer of md5 for max.

I don’t know if the second will be released, neithe rif after all that path bones will be preserved. I suppose they will be.

I wrote an ASE importer for blender to take whole scenes from MAX into blender.

Its unreleased as yet but I have used it for 1000’s of models and is very stable.

MAX files are like .blend files, they are basicly a memory dump of the app whick makes them hard/impossible to read without the app opening them first.

There was a Max importer script for python, but it is no longer on the net, anyone happen to come across it, it had a picture of a mars rover or something like it.


Is there any chance of you releaseing that 3ds max .ase import script? I was looking at the export formats that Icarus (motion tracker) supports, and Max .ase is one of them. I know about the python script to get Icarus data in but I searched for “ase” (not UnrealEd format) and came across this thread.
Does your script support animation, camera data, etc? Since ase is an ascii format, it might be useful to support another ‘human readable’ scene import/export format for blender. Collada should be decent, but the developer hasn’t released his import version and I don’t believe animation is supported yet.