Max Lift Debut

Max Lift is my first animation. I used blender 2.5 to 2.6 and Audacity in the making of this video, which had taken just over a year to complete. I learned how use blender from watching tutorial videos on the websites Youtube, blender Guru and blender Cookie.

Good job. Hes got a cool walk. like hes going to a gun fight. I did not see it all slow internet.

big project. decent work. His motions are floaty and slow, like he’s in water, and he carries the big text with no weight. Even if it were styrofoam, he would still have to watch out for wind.

cool simulations and insect

Was there any particular reason why you did it in one take?

I’am new to animation so I was not sure how to structure the movie into different scenes and I thought it would be more exciting to animate it in one take.

Huge project for your first animation work. I tried that with my first real work too. I think you did much better however :). I love how you used the simulators. looks like you were trying to practice most everything blender has to offer for your first work. I will agree with Daren that some of the robots movements need some tweaking. but overall i thought it looked great. can’t wait to see what you got coming next.

Thanks Kazinger, Daren and Artorious for the constructive criticism and positive review of my work.

Thanks Kazinger, Daren and Artorious for the positive review of my work

Very impressive and ambitious. I really love the robots animation. I think if you do another film you should try make something with a coherent story. Btw, where abouts in Scotland do you live? Im just near Edinburgh.