max lites in 2.4?

whats the max number of lights in a blender scene…
is there a number or types of lights that need to be kept to a minimum?

In theory, probably not. In practice, most likely.

Lighting is a (the?) primary component of CG . . . hard to see in any dimension without light. More lights mean more calculation, even if they’re dim lights. All computers will get bogged down at some point of scene complexity (many lights, polygons, hires textures, etc.), but the practical limit will be different for every system & scene I imagine.

I haven’t read of any specifically set limit . . . but if it exists, I doubt the average Blender user would ever come close to reaching it.

If I’m wrong on this, someone please let us know.

At least a thousand

I have a test .blend with 1027 lamps and they all work fine.

[the limit used to be 256]

That’s a lot of lamps . . . :o


yes it is…
well maybe spot or something is more processor intensive
what kind of lights did you put in that 1000 or so,just lamps
were they dupliverted

if i am doing a car racing game in the night…
what type of lamp should i use?
i’m currently using spotlight but it seems like the limit is only 16 or so -.-"

Honestly, why would you need so many lamps? (there is certainly not a limit of 16 lamps, by the way…I’ve used more than that already). One reason I can think of is to simulate AO - but even in that case, I don’t think you’d need to go way over 1000 lamps.

Other than that, how would you even control that many lights, how would you create a working lighting setup with so many “variables”? Maybe in a really big scene but then you could probably get rid of unnessecary ones while they’re not visible or not really important to the lighting setup.

But anyway - I’ve never heard of a limit either, it’s rather a limit of what is practical and useful. So, why not go ahead and try :wink:

erm… because i’m doing a mountain track…
and i like the spotlight effect on the lamppost…
so i need quite a number for the length of my track…
but during editing, the first few lights go out when i started adding more…
same goes when i start running the game… it’s like there isn’t enough electricity for all the lamps…
PS: I’m rather noob in blender XD
Thanks alot!