Max/Maya behavior with Blender hotkeys...

Hey guys,

I’m one of the Blender n00bs who used to use the “click empty space to deselect bug” since I started using Blender. I stopped using Blender when the ability to make a hotkey to deselect by clicking in empty space went away. Not too long ago they added the functionality to click in empty space to deselect back in… but only when you’re using the Max/Maya hotkeys. I have not found a way to do that with the Blender hotkeys and the only things I’ve found through a ton of searching have been “it was a bug, and it’s been fixed now so if you want to use it use the Max/Maya hotkeys.” I didn’t learn those hotkeys, and I don’t really want to learn a new set of hotkeys just to get basic usage out of Blender if you get my drift.

Has anyone else ran into this problem and found a way to fix this? I think the next thing I was considering trying was setting it to the Max hotkeys and then going through and resetting each key manually with whatever they are supposed to be in Blender. My only problem with this idea other then the time and effort needed to set this up, is I’m not sure exactly what keys are different. I’m sure I’ll find a list with a bit more searching, but it would only take one factory default to make me want to rage quit blender for a few more months. Assuming I went to all that trouble only to blow it away on accident. :smiley:

What I’d really love is a checkbox in Blender’s User Preferences like the continuous grab one or select right/left that would turn on that functionality no matter what hotkey preset you used.

Here are the two bug reports I found that suggest this feature won’t be fixed any time soon:

Strangely enough double clicking in empty space with this setup still works. I’d prefer to just be able to click not have to double click though.

Anyone have some input on this they would mind sharing? I can’t be the only one pulling his hair out over this can I? :smiley:



File / User Preferences / Input, 3D View / 3D View (Global)
This sets LMB drag to select and LMB drag on an empty area of the screen to deselect all

Thanks for the reply Richard.

I suppose that’s a bit better than double clicking. That also makes box select a bit easier to use too. :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!