Max sounds reached?

I have objects that loop a sound after they spawn, and until they die in a game I’m working on.

I also have an object that moves around you playing a soundtrack in .ogg format.

Once there are a certain number (~20?) of the spawning objects, the soundtrack stops playing, but can be reset by turning it off and on.

Is there a max sounds limit?

Is there a way to prioritize certain sounds?

I need all these sounds to be 3D, not global.

That sounds odd, but when you need more than basic sound playing, I would recommend using Python with the Audaspace module, which should be able to handle many sounds, as well as 3D sounds.

This sounds similar to some bugs I saw in the tracker a while back. Could you try out the 2.66 testing build to see if the problem still exists?

I have a sound problem similar to this. Sometimes, looping sounds will just stop. And they can restart by another sound that does not loop. But not everytime.

I’m using assets which only run in blender 2.64a (python 3.2).
It would require a lot of hacking to remove the elements constrained to python 3.2 - so I’m not sure when I could do this.

I’m going to try to increase the audio buffer, or change to SDL.

I don’t know how to use audspace.

I’m basically creating a 7.1 dynamic surround sound city environment for a super simple game I’m working on – so I need a lot of 3D sounds.

(Unfortunately, 7.1 doesn’t work in windows 8, so I’ll probably have to demo my game in XP. =/)

I tried raising the audio buffer to 32768.

Sometimes the 4 background loops stop, sometimes one of 'em stops, sometimes they all keep going. It’s very strange.

And the question remains - can you tie Audaspace sounds to objects themselves? I spawn lots of objects that fly towards you, and they give a nice doppler effect.