MAX to Blender

Hi. I’m downloading several models in .max format and I can’t figure out how to convert them. I have the trial of MAX but It expired quite a while ago. I searched on google for converters but can’t find any (except for a $300 dollar one). Please help!

There is no way to convert Max to any other format other than with MAX (and that application that you found does only a so/so job from my experience). Try to find someone with MAX who would be willing to convert for you. But that’s usually easier said than done as the MAX community is riddled with a bunch of arrogant pricks.

Max format “contains” all the scene parameters
Logically you can’t import this in other app (not easily)
Try to find 3DS models, Blender will import them quite nicelly

Deep Exploration (250$ aprox I think) through a hot link plugin (you needed the max licensed and installed) could port it all from a max file to 3d exploration where you could convert to whatever.

An old free beta of it, times it was called 3d Exploration, was not limited in 30 days. Modders been using that one for long.But was very old Max versions, and supported a limited number of scene features. Deep Exploration these days seem to support way better.

Okino’s converters can do, but different approach, I think.
These are usually way expensive.

Imho if you find same models in OBJ or best, FBX format, even better. There’s an FBX plugin in the works. My guess is that way, fbx, would best for exchange with Max. But as you don’t have Max , can’t generate the fbx files, anyway.


Don’t use MAX files unless you have max.

the MAX community is riddled with a bunch of arrogant pricks.

He Blenderheads are so much more civilized.

it was called 3d Exploration

I’ve heard of it, is there any place where I can get it? Does Gmax support .max files?

I have a trial version of the latest max installed right now. If it’s not too many scenes, I’d be happy to convert them for you.

How many scenes? Which format do you want . . . 3DS? OBJ?

Thanks for the offer. It’s several models and the best format would be .3ds. I’ll let you know when the download is complete.

the MAX community is riddled with a bunch of arrogant pricks.

He Blenderheads are so much more civilized.[/quote]

Hey! I am a maxer (when contracted in-house ). And still civilized :wink:

And I get reflected in mirrors.

it was called 3d Exploration

I’ve heard of it, is there any place where I can get it?[/quote]

Hmmm …Go here:

scroll down that page. Till conversion tools. There, it start talking bout deep exploration, and about if I remember well, about how many people historically used a lot the previous version, a sort of non limited beta, for making mods, usually in combination with Gmax. The download of that version is the one with “Download here” underlined.It was the old version, still called “3D Explorer”.as far as I can remember, it could open .max files, though chances is, if the scene is a bit complex, or is not enough for you to et just raw mesh and few more things, then you may find some unwanted limits. Still, maybe is enough for what you want.

Deep Exploration is my favourite converter ever. When working in game company or similar, I always try and make the boss buy it.
Ironically, the newer version requires max installed (surely doing way better conversions), while that older didnt need it.

Does Gmax support .max files?

Nope. There are formats to port from Max to Gmax, but there are cmplex tricks to know the hard way, and still will not port all scene info.One good bridge was “Game Level Builder”(or sth like that) script, which worked well between gmax and Max 5 and 6, if i remember well…but it depends on the complexity of the scene.

BTW, if only was simple geometry you could always export as OBJ or *.3ds from max, and import into Gmax. There’s a non easy to find OBJ exporter for Gmax (also md5, md3, etc)

excuse me, the script was not gme level builder…it’s many years for me to remember that well…dunno if will work with modern versions of max…it was actually this script :

sorry the mistake

3DS is the wrong format to use, it contains chared verticies and will cause texturing problems later. Convert to OBJ it does not have this problem.

actually, is that it will break the mesh at export time, whichever the software exporting as 3ds, as the format can’t have two uv coords pairs on same real 3d vertex…And this happens in many places of a mesh.

still, max users been way mroe used to that bad format, that’s why I mentioned…there are free plugins and scripts to export to whatever in max…

Thanks for the link. I’ll download 3d Explorer tonight and see if it works.

3d Exploration works, except for UV coordinates but the UV mapping was simple so it isn’t a big deal.

In that case, do you not need me to convert the files for you? I got your PM regarding the first model . . . I was just waiting for the others. Anyway, let me know.

I worked, mostly with Lightwave, in video/television post production for almost 10 years. Newtek has basically dominated that arena for a number of years (although getting more diverse now) and I’ve had to deal with a lot of 3D max modellers who when pressed for a lightwave version (or a version not in MAX we could import) told us to Foff even if we were offering to pay good money for the model. And that was in the professional world.

No, thanks. But I appreciate your offer.

What Cire noted: OBJ.
AFAIK, 3d studio max can export to a .obj file, and Blender can read those.
So my suggestion: export to obj and import it with Blender.

Hey, forgive me for jumping in on this thread, but I also have a .max model that I downloaded that I need converted to on .obj. Would someone be able to help me out with that? Thanks in advance.

My trial version of Max will expire around Thanksgiving. So until then, my basic conversion services will be available. :slight_smile:

Just post a link to the model, and I’ll see what I can do. And, please be sure that your use of the model respects any copyrights or licenses.