max to blender?

Hey, I’ve been using max professionally for a long time and have just discovered blender. Seems like a good program with some really cool features. I’m keen to use blender’s fluids in a TV commercial that I’m working on. I have a way to get the fluids into max, but I also need to be able to take a model out of max with animation on it (currently pointcached) and take that into blender to be able to use it as an obstacle. I’ve had no problems getting models from max to blender, I just would like to know if anyone knows a way to get vert animation across too. The model is only about 200 polys and the animation is only about 35 frames. I was thinking that if there currently isn’t a way to do this, that I might look into writing a maxscript in the future that will output information into a blender loadable file. Where might I find out how the blender filetype is structured? The only solid way I can think of getting the animation to work at the moment is to output snapshots of the animation as a mesh per frame and take that into blender an do a morph for every frame. Is this feasible?



:smiley: i used max before but remained to be a newbie there :smiley: couldn’t really afford the license, so i sticked with blender. am really not much of a help… just would like to say welcome to blenderartist!

Welcome too, I know there are ways to do this, I just don’t know of any ways, sorry.
would the fbx or collada plugins be of help to you maybe? I’m sure you can figure some way out if you mess with some of the export/import plugins.

Welcome into the community three dude - Sorry I can’t help on that question too!~!

Hey Freakydude, I have no problem getting models across with both .OBJ and collada. And .3ds for that matter. Both FBX and collada only export animation from blender.Sadly they don’t import.

Strangely , there seems to be more ways to get blender fluid into max than there is to get max animation to blender…

That’s too bad about collada! I was able to use collada to export camera animation from maya into blender. Maybe it’s the max plug.

In any case, about writing the Blend file, I didn’t find anything specific, but this might help:

The animation I’m trying to import is vertex animation (pointcached) rather than just object transforms so that might be why a camera worked for you. But then again when I looked up the info on the collada importer for blender it said this : “Plug-in for Blender which exports and imports: Meshes, Materials, Textures, Lights (Hemi, Lamp, Sun and Spot) and Cameras. Additional features are export of animation, selected objects only and export of baked transforms.” Which I found here:

Now you’re probably the same guy as this guy on cgtalk asking the same question, but in case you’re not, his problem got solved:

Thanks freakydude, yes that’s me over on cgTalk too… :slight_smile:
The pointcache script works really well.