Max value Action Constraint not matching end of Action

I’ve run into an issue with copying over an animation to a action constraint.
When I run the action, the bones follow along with the animation and line up great.

However, when I use my target bone (Local) at it’s max value, the two bone for my shoulder-blade don’t match the end of the animation (pink is reference, teal is rigged).
The action was baked for those two bones while it was parented to my clavicle bone, so I don’t think it’s a parent orientation override issue, and the action has been X’d in the action editor so it’s not accidental over-animation.

All three bones have the same settings for the constraint, and the clavicle matches like it should.

Is there something I’m missing? Max value should mean the end of the action :dizzy_face:

Solution found, and goodness do I feel silly:

Put the action constraint on top, everything lines up now