Maxime Residence / visualization Blender - Octane for Blender


(janmorek) #1

Hi, guys, I want to share with you my latest work in Blender. It is personal project inspired by design
of b l a n k s t u d i o. I found a photo of the very interesting house a and tried to reproduce it.
Almost everything I modeled in Blender just furniture is purchased.
Rendered in Octane for Blender and post proces in Photoshop.

(alf0) #2

man this is sooo so awesome, it looks almost like a real photo,
i like the grass /trees and the brick wall,
may i ask how and why did you prefered to do it this why ?

note: if your the kind of peoples wo loves to hive a privacy life, thin this is not the right chose for you to leve in

(janmorek) #3

I choose this project, because I saw it on Archdaily. I was studying architecture and also I make architecture visualization for living. Time to time I need to have rest from commercial project and it is joy for me to make something like this. In this kind of project i choose some interesting photo of architecture and try to recreate.

(alf0) #4

so you must be really pro on this kind of stuffs :slight_smile:

(janmorek) #5

Are you blender user?

(alf0) #6

yes i am !!!


Very nice work. Is the grass from an add-on or did you make it yourself?

(HelmyArdiansyah) #8

Nice work! How many samples did you use?

(GarageFarm.NET) #9

good stuff. Just waiting for it to be featured :wink:

are you also making animations from these kind of projects ?
Do you use cycles too or stick with octane ?

(Jason van Gumster) #10


(though to do that, I did have to remove the #interiorarchitecture tag)

(Julius Harling) #11

I see some Graswald in there :smile: Really great job, I’m quite stunned by the combination of architecture and vegetation! Looking forward to future projects!

(wikifry) #12

Nice camera management

(usernew) #13

The render is top-notch! But Isn’t it weird that someone who has a high-quality home like that will have that much weed around the house? IMO a more even grass with less weed would look awesome with bushes around the house and some flower plants would look more natural. But that’s just an opinion.

(Drew Evan) #14

Great work…love it…but I just I have question that did u also model the grass or used some plugin…

(rombout) #15

Really love Polhad 7, those colors are so nice with the green and blue

(jasskick) #16


(Rjay47) #17

Wow man, this is so good.

(janmorek) #18

Hi I used Graswald add-on. I recommend it!

(janmorek) #19

I have this type of comments everytime. I am glad you noticed, because if I put there perfectly cut grass it would look too perfect. I was complain in my previous works, but if you are interested I was trying to recreate real photos, so you can compare them. Here is link to real photos of this house:

(janmorek) #20

Thaks! You have really good eye that you noticed Grasswald addon. You are right, are you also using it?