Maximum image texture size?

Can anyone tell me the maximum size of an image texture? I’ve looked for an answer online for sometime and should have came here first…



Could you be a little more specific please.

Do you mean rendered,
background or what?

When I try a put a texture (Image) file of 3000x2000 on a model it hangs on me. I tried this in 2.4 aswell to see if there had been an increase (I’m using 2.37a mostly). Since last night though I’m doing the same thing with a different modelling idea (mesh instead of texture) but I still would like to know if there is a limit to the size. I had at one time thought the image max was 4000x4000 if it’s been reduced it wasn’t something I noticed till recently (when I want to put in the bigger testures?

Just tried it out.

I sucsessfully loded, and mapped one .jpg with 3000x2000 pixels, and one with 4000x4000 pixels.
Rendering wasnt a problem too.

I have done 4096 before… it took a while to load, but it worked. Honestly I doubt there is a limit, except what your RAM can handle.

You’ve hit the limit for your gfx card, by the sounds of it.


It was working great for awhile then it just wouldn’t work. I tried one that was 2000x1000 just as a test (it worked) then I went to 3000x2000 and it hung. I’m working on some human armour (as opposed to tracked). I need the higher res for good quality.

Anyway I got a p4-2.3 with a nvidia 4200ti with a Gig of ram…

shouldn’t be a video card problem but still it’s pretty weird?

Thanks for your help though guys. clearly the limit is being reached by me (in blender anyway). I was using TGA’s though perhaps that’s why?


i use 4000x4000’s all the time, is it just slowdown, or does blender completely stall?

It gives me the send don’t send thingy before a forced shut down. I know I’ve used higher res textures aswell. It could just be what I was doing on the computer. Once it crapped out on me it couldn’t get the larger format textures in (perhaps reboot would have worked though). I was just wondering what the max texture size was as a rule. So that If I try the larger formats that I can then pic the max size or less…