Maximum Range of Blender Units

Hello Community.

For my project I want to create a scene with a very big object and some very small ones. Blenders limits seem to be 10000.000 Blender Units (BU) and 0.001 BU. This dynamic range is two decades to small for my relations. My two questions are:

  1. Is the standard dynamic rage of Blender as I mentioned?

  2. In case of “yes”: Is there a possibility to increase the range?

I hope there will be a solution… Thank you very much for your help.

saling seems to be the only solution !

do you really need a resolutin of 0.001 with a size of 2500 BU?

if not then scaling is the best way to go


  1. you’ve got to be kidding its not dynamic enough. dud, it is 6.5x10^7 - the dynamic range I computed once is like our entire planet down to a square city block iirc


our entire planet down to a square city block

This is almost what I want do do: I want to render a satellite (smallest structure size 10cm = 0.0001km) near earth (diameter approx. 12735km) in a physical reasonable way.

Is there no chance for working with blender?

Isn’t it possible to simulate the earth, instead of moddeling hem complete.

(I’m thinking of camera-tricks)

1 - this has already been done by NASA
Google Earth is doong it also and with Map if you wish and picture local
2 - where are you going to get the DATA which represent Terabytes and more of info

3 - i don’t think Blender has the memory capacity to do that yet

i doubt that blender can deral with so much info and details unless you take only s small fraction of it at a time


Dont. I dont see why you would need to do something like that.

instead just model your satellite as usual and just hang the earth in the background. In addition you dont need that level of granularity on the model unless your going to be right on top of it or using it to drive a CAD machine later!