maximum texture resolution

I am trying to produce some large, print-quality renders using blender, and so I’m using very high resolution textures. I can import my 10k by 5k texture fine, but my 20k wide textures cause blender to crash. Does anyone know what maximum texture size blender will work with?

Yeah, I’ve had the same problems.

Here’s the skinny: Regardless of what image type, resolution or color depth of the images you import into Blender they always undergo conversion to 32bits per channel R,G,B, and alpha (if they have no alpha channel Blender WILL assign them an alpha channel of 1.0 via OpenExr). At 128 bits per pixel you will run out of RAM very quickly with large images. I asked Broken (one of Blender’s developers) if there would ever be an option to limit conversion to 16 BPC and I think he found this question mildly amusing. He said that the problem with coding sucjh a thing is partially due to how much of the code that has to do with image handling and how all of these areas would have to be hunted down (I imagine that some of these areas are quite obscure) for something that the industry is moving away from anyway (the whole industry IS on the march toward 32 bits per channel imaging thanx to ILM’s OpenExr format which is basically a god among imaging formats). Not only would imaging have to be handled but lighting would have to be handled also. I have no expertise in this area and some of the above information may not be correct but it is something along those lines.

So, you’ve got basically 3 options:
1.) Use smaller textures.
2.) Get more RAM.
3.) Migrate to Linux where disk chaching occurs via a swap partition and system memory doesn’t limit you the way it does on windoze or Macs.

Other than that I don’t know what to tell you.

You may not necessarially need as high resolution textures as you’re currently using also. Check with your print department for large image resolution specifications as all images aren’t necessarially printed from 300 DPI images. Let the professionals be your guide.

Personally, on my quasi-mediocre machine, I’ve noticed that 1024 square starts to slow down the image editor, 4096 is about the most I would ever consider thinking about, and that loadin g the five 8xxx by 4096 images that whatsit has for earth textures caused my computer to grind …

OTOH, you’re talking about crash-limit limitations, and I’m tired …