Maxon Acquires Redshift Rendering Technologies

I do not think there will be a plugin for Blender now. Otherwise they would strengthen the competition.But better than Autodesk

Just posted it to the Redshift thread on BA.

After Adobe acquiring Allegorithmic this is the next blow. As an ex-Softimage user I’m getting used to the feeling. So glad I got Blender!

P.S.: Who’s going to buy SideFX?!

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What will happen to Redshift support for other 3D applications?

  • Maxon and Redshift are committed to continue active development and support for Maya, 3dsmax, Houdini and Katana; as well as the announced plugin for Blender. Welcome to the Maxon community!

i want to learn vfx with it, why ? do you think houdini will be buy off like others ? : “What will happen to Redshift support for other 3D applications?

Maxon and Redshift are committed to continue active development and support for Maya, 3dsmax, Houdini and Katana; as well as the announced plugin for Blender. Welcome to the Maxon community!”

its okay, maxon =/= autodesk i guess

Sounds too familiar:

Autodesk will continue developing and selling the Softimage product line, while also incorporating Softimage technology and products (including the flagship SOFTIMAGE|XSI 3D animation software) to its growing portfolio of real-time, interactive 3-D authoring tools within Autodesk’s Games Technology Group.

“He’s dead, Jim!”

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Well, I think it’s a bit different, since they will sell Redshift as a separate product and it will not be competing with Cinema 4D, but with other render engines from other companies.

So I guess the best way to go is to continue developing the product. It’s not like they’re buying to dissolve competition.

I sincerely hope this. But after more than 20 years in the business now and seeing good products being sold and then killed or their development grinding to a halt, this acquisition would then be one of the very very few that actually didn’t hurt, paralyze or kill the product.

Hi Dominik! :smiley:

Panos said in the RS forum that they will absolutely stay in development and are still developing for Blender. I am not too sure what to think of it tbh. Favorite thing for me would be a crowdfunding campain just for Cycles. I just don’t really like how every software I trust gets bought and software ownership is being thrown around like crazy. First Substance, now this. But we’ll see.

From the RS forum: (you need a login tho, so here’s it for anyone without an account there)

"Hey guys,

By now, you must have read the press release here: (sorry if it takes a long time to respond or timeouts, I guess the news killed Maxon’s web server smile)

To further stress what’s already been said in the press release: There will be no changes in Redshift’s plugin support whatsoever! And, yes, that includes the upcoming Blender plugin! So any worries of “oh my god, are they going to kill Maya/3dsmax/whatever”… please do not worry about that because it’s not happening! wink This is Maxon, not some other company we know! wink

Of course, Maxon (with their technical resources) can and will help us make the C4D integration pretty much perfect. But that won’t take away from the other 3d apps or our general feature set goals.

Beyond the great C4D integration, to us (and the Redshift community), the acquisition means a couple of positive things:

  1. We’re rendering programmers and we should be focusing on exactly that. The success of Redshift so far has ben because of the product and the effort we put in it. It wasn’t because of some amazing business/sales/marketing skill. So, with Maxon behind us, we’ll be able to primarily focus on development and not “the other stuff”. Maxon has been doing “the other stuff” for way longer than us (and with great success) and have all the right people to help us with it. This will effectively free up resources so we can focus on what we’re best at doing.

  2. We’ll be growing the Redshift team. And, no, that doesn’t mean hiring C4D plugin developers only! smile In fact, pretty soon, another Maya developer will be joining the team! We intend on adding more core rendering people, too, so that work on the rendering feature set (which benefits all 3d apps, not just C4D) can proceed at a faster pace than before. That includes 3.0, RedshiftRT and others.

Look, we understand that this kind of news always worries people. And we expected some of the reactions we’re currently seeing. These reactions are not unreasonable at all! There have been far too many bad examples recently! But when someone hears news about a company acquiring another company, I think it’s important to consider who is behind the acquisition. In my opinion, there’s a pretty huge difference between a faceless multi-billion dollar company and a smaller, community-friendly one!

I don’t know if the above will put anyone’s mind at ease. I guess our future conduct will prove the above more strongly than any words can. Which pretty much sums up the way we’ve been running this company all this time.

Best regards,


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This may not be a bad thing for Redshift at all, because while Maxon’s main DCC app. gets flak for slow development and a high pricetag, they usually do a good job at making sure the various features are solid and usable.

The team behind the engine could’ve picked much worse choices at least.

:smirk: The question none is asking: “Will RedShift become avialable on Macs… AMD…?”
Development… so they say. Is going to be HW agnostic real-time rendering as we’re witnessing all over. Google’s Stadia…

i hope this will not cause raise in the price or killing the prepertual license…etc, it seems many are making these big moves recently and if it comes at the cost of the users then it will be bad for the whole communities…that’s why i am liking blender and it’s open source philosophy more and more.

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The real question is what happens to cycles 4D . They sell it for a very low price and it is the only renderer that have access to C4D internals And now it’s competing with their own product that cost a lot ?

That has nothing to do with Maxon. Cycles4D is made by Insydium, the company that makes the X-particles plugin.

This question has been answered in the past.

Yes but as I said Maxon has given cycles 4D special treatment by giving them Access to C4D internals. Will they change their policy now to give their own product "Redshift"an edge over a competing products “Cycles4D”? Will they limit the Cycles4D Devs access?

Define this. What do you mean? Access to internal shaders and functions?

As far as I have heard the give access to more than just what is available in the SDK . That’s mentioned alot in the cycles4d thread. I don’t really remember the details.
Perhaps it’s the internals of X-particles and not C4D ?

I don’t think they will artificially limit the access to their own product, but they absolutely will give the Redshift team full access to whatever they might need.

I know, been asking myself years ago.
So, things change. Lots of C4D users are using Macs & Maxon could be lobbying to cater for their capital base… it’s simple economy. Especially now when dev. got relieved of working on marketing, PR, are employing more force…

PS my bad myway880 … damned reply buttons

I think Redshift is leaning heavily on Nvidia’s hardware and tech and it could be very difficult to refine that all into an HW agnostic renderer. If they wanted to do that, why haven’t they already?
I seriously hope they don’t waste manpower, money or time on doing that.
The decline of the Mac as an 3D content producer seems inevitable to me and i don’t really care about AMD GPU’s.
But hey this is just my uninformed opinion, i don’t have any special insights. I never used Redshift tbh but i would like to use it if it comes to Blender.