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As formal online statements like license conditions have already been changed to Maxon conditions, that implicates that the takeover deal has been completed and/or the regulatory approval won’t be an obstacle anymore. In that case, Maxon or Pixologic should already be able to release details to the ZBrush users. :man_shrugging:


I always find it irritating when a merger like this happens, and the smaller company maintains that nothing will change, and then it does inevitably. It just feels dishonest, even though I understand that the politics of the situation make it impossible to be any other way…but still.


Impossible? If they really wanted to, they could just state ‘We can not give you all the details yet. Time will tell.’


CGSociety reports that Maxon has already taken the first step towards moving ZBrush users to a subscription-based system.

In other words, you can get a perpetual license still, but it only gives you a year of updates. If you want to stay updated, then you must move to the subscription offering.

Usually when an acquisition occurs, the big company at least waits until the ink dries and a major release is done before announcing changes in the business model and/or the pricing of the acquired product (so as to ensure the initial shock is gone). Maxon may be making a huge mistake in their impatience to completely dissolve the Pixologic name.


Thank you for the link.

Although I feel that ( … initial shock …) as used in this case might be a bit of an understatement, especially the longer this all drags out.

To clarify. From what I am reading it looks like a new perpetual only offers a year of critical bug fixes rather than actual feature updates. So it is hard not to see it as a real de valuation of perpetuals which will make owning them feel a bit like being a lower class and less valued level of user / customer. If this really is how it is going to play out then it seems unnecessarily harsh and very mean spirited to me. Why not offer fair priced yearly upgrades and include a year of updates ? But it also it could be interpreted as a tactic in which to push perpetual owners onto subscription. This could be both very impractical and, or financially unrealistic for very many I would think at the sort of prices we have seen.

Still hoping there will not be a need for anyone to deploy the Charlton Heston and Statue of Liberty meme. Perhaps we will still be calmed and pleasantly surprised by the eventual outcome. We have had no full offical announcment on any of this yet and I don’t like to end posts on a negative note.


I’m afraid so too, because if perpetual license + yearly upgrades = considerably cheaper than a subscription, then subscriptions will not take off.

Anyway, in the mean time I’m much enjoying my rediscovery of 3D-Coat. :+1:





I’ve been reading everything, and it’s not much more than a lot of mutual congratulation and a summary of everything we already knew. And the one thing that I eagerly awaited: an announcement about the upgrade pricing for perpetual licenses is not announced yet…

How much will perpetual upgrades cost? Will it be possible to convert from a perpetual license to a subscription?
More details will come at a later date. However, providing value is and has been a primary philosophy of both Maxon and ZBrush that will continue as we move into the future.”


What is the future of ZBrush integration with KeyShot?
KeyShot is a valued ZBrush partner, and the current integration will continue for the immediate future.”

Roughly translated: “Keyshot will remain in the picture until we’ve made a ZBrush to Redshift bridge.” :wink:


So many words in there but so much boilerplate. Well I liked these two sentences

Maxon is fully committed to continuing development on ZBrush under the continuing leadership of Ofer Alon.

ZBrush will absolutely remain a separate product.


Thank you so much for posting this. The key part most will perhaps want to read tucked away inside all of that is here I think.

But you know the cost of a subscription :neutral_face:

Sounds for now at least very much like if you don’t want to be left out you need to always be on subscription. Also to me the general emphasis seems very much focused throughout on the big movies and games big business side of Zbrush. Rather than also focusing on it’s exceptional and incredibly large and diverse user base community built up over so many years. Right now it’s looking to be a very dramatic change of tone and culture for sure.

Lots more thoughts but too worn out right now with worrying about all of this and said quite lot already. I’m ging to focus for a bit on leaning more about Blender Grease Pencil.

All the best to everyone.


It sounds like Maxon are only too aware that they should ‘NOT F**K WITH ZBRUSH’ or bear the wrath of the entire industry. :grin: It would be like Banksy buying a Caravaggio and then painting over it, it would be a crime of the highest order.

I have a feeling that Maxon will allow the Pixo team to continue their work uninterrupted and with full creative control. Zbrush is too legendary and admired across the board to mess up in any way.

As far as I can see, it will be business as usual, but with pricing increases, and additional resources that Pixo team can draw on. Dare I say it… :grimacing:

This is exactly how the Allegorithmic sale to Adobe turned out, and it’s been far from the disaster everyone(including myself) heralded at the time.


This is just speculation, but this line of thinking may or may not imply that Maxon will add always-online DRM and forced updating to ZBrush as well (in the name of efficiency in feedback and in bug reporting).

If so, the ZBrush brand will get the full corporate treatment and make Adobe look generous in what they are doing with Substance and friends (because the latter at least kept the indie licensing and expanded the concept to more areas).


There are no announcements from Maxon or Pixologic yet, but a listing on the reseller site shows the cost of upgrading to Zbrush 2022.

ZBrush 2022 – Upgrade from Zbrush : € 579.00


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@Ratchet @Ace_Dragon please don’t go offtopic talking about Tencent etc. Open a new topic if you have to.


I just hope they mean 579€ for an Upgrade if you have like ZBrush 3 or so but not going onward on a yearly basis with this amount (for example 2022 to 2023).


This is what it will be yearly, I imagine. Same for all the other DCCs. You essentially have to buy the software over and over again, every year, whether you’ve owned it outright for 20 years or not…

Not a problem if you use it professionally as it’s a business cost, but for those that don’t…


To be honest, If long time users get the next version update for free, I’m good with that. Zbrush can do so much, I learn something new all the time, even when I see someone using an older version. Cant see myself upgrading. I am always up to date but I find myself using the same basic workflow to get things done.

Current version works great with other dcc apps so the only thing maxon can do for many is to release a mind blowing upgrade worthy of the price they would charge. I’m an ex Modo user … so I am not building my hopes up.


Any buyer of any Zbrush version should now legally own a 2022 license. This is the price for the future upgrades i imagine.


@Musashidan @Hickz Yep, probably. I was just hoping to get it all wrong, but I guess this is how it will go.


Hi Gregg. That Vessels piece is beautiful. Really wonderful work.

The next update is free only if you bought a perpetual for 2022 before the end of 2021. Most users I think are not really concerned about free updates and this seems to be clouding the issue a lot online. I also think it is distorting entirely the very legitimate concerns and fears a great many of us now have. The example of the hypothetical user who bought it 20 years ago for 100 dollars seems to get rolled out quite a lot now.

A fair open and affordable upgrade path and the continued valuing and support of perpetuals is the major concern for the vast majority I would think. I am sure most would be totally fine after all this time to pay for updates and have so for many years. Pixologic always gave such incredible value and customer service support. As it is there seems to be no sort of grace or adjustment period at all and the devaluation of a perpetual licensee seems immediate. Perhaps more will be worked out and we get better clarification but right now that’s how it looks. I hope it changes. There are other examples of these sorts of buy ups of course but ZBrush always occupied such a unique space.

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