MaxToBlender Released!

Transferscenes from 3DsMAX to Blender with 2 clicks! With Vray support!
Expand yourworkflow with the free Blender power!

You can useMaxToBlender to send your current max scene or open a max model/scene and sendit to Blender, it will be converted as close as posible (even if its a vrayscene!), saving you lot of time and tedius work, and it will automatically setoptimized render settings ,so after some clicks you can alredy start playingwith your max scenes inside Blender and render them using the powerful Cyclesengine!

More info,images, and video demostration at:

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Sweet, not this must be added to the trunk. I demand it be made so.

Well it’s a paid plugin so that probably won’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks really good though.

It’s not a standalone solution. Needs Max (+Vray) installed to run.

so, has anyone tested it?

Which versions of 3DSmax and Vray are supported?

so is it real that max2blender can convert EVERY materials in 3dsmax to blender? I suppose that is not possible. So I think this product is not usable enough as the video shows

@Oyster what do you mean?

I just want to know is there anybody bought and tested this addon

I bought it yesterday and it is very good. I had a nightmare installing it but I was doing it wrong. workinf for me from 2.77 right up to 2.79b.

Here is an Evermotion ArchInterior scene brought into Blender and Rendered with Cycles. MaxToBlender is very good, a bit of moxing geometry but hardly any, also a bit of work on the texture nodes, II spent about 15 mins on this file. But overall quite happy with it.

Cheers, Wayne (Wig42)

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How did you manage to install it,. I’m having issues installing :confused:

Very nice render Wig42! Thank you for your support :slight_smile:
In some weeks there will be a new version update.
vihrea if you need help contact using the product web and I’ll help you or refund you

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Ok got it installed

Sorry I only juut saw your post vihrea, pleased you managed in the end with maxhunter’s help.

Thanks maxhunter, I look forward to the update.

Any news about 2.8 support ?

Yep! Waiting the final 2.8 release for a big MaxToBlender update! :slight_smile:

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The big question is, can it be trial versions that ran out of the trail period? :wink:

Good idea, anyway when new version released it will be also with guarantee for refund if not happy

Does it use .vrscene -files for creating geometry and materials ?