Maxwell renderer test


I’m making this (bath)room-ish scene and for the fun of it rendered it in Maxwell1.5. I must say user friendly and powerful.

So guess which is made after 3hours of fiddling with Maxwell and which after 1 year of blender.

And has annybody ever had the problem that in a icosphere/spot setup the spots where just not willing to aim at the same target…


The lighting does not make sense.
It should be coming from the bulb above the sink, right?

Well more or less, it’s only a 60W very mat lamp so it doesn’t give enough light to illuminate when there are other light sources (a sun). And BI doesn’t do a great amount of effort when it comes to emitting materials.

To make the spots point toward the middle instead of downward, you need to click the “Rot” button that appears when you click the “Dupliverts” button on the object panel (F7), when you have the icosphere selected.

About the icosphere it seems that when you delete one half of it before parenting and dupliverting, you mess it up…

Here is a new test, mostly for the red material. It’s to translucent now but I think it can be fixed. But how can this be made in Blender? With SSS I’d say cuzz it is SSS. But I allways get SSS on the whole part and never like here, more SSS near the lamp and less at the top. I fiddled around with the size and the strength for about an hour in blender but to no avail. Maybe I was using a wrong type of lamp (a spot) or not strong enough. A clue annybody?

And if Sonix reads this, jup that is your clay:RocknRoll:.