Maxwell showcase

Hi there,
I bought Maxwell Render yesterday and I must say, I’m very pleased.
It took some getting used to, especially the blender plugin after using Cycles for quite some time.
The thing that took me most time was actually getting the cloth sim right, which can be quite an ass in Blender.
This is kind of a showcase of what maxwell can do within a few hours from buying.
This is also the reason that I didn’t do any compositing, so you can see just the raw render. (click the image for full res)
Sorry for the bad English, noticed after reading my own post that I didn’t make any sense.
Kind regards.

Excellent work on the couch and materials. The cloth simulation looks just a tiny bit low-poly, but not enough to mess up this beautiful render. =)

Thanks for your kind words. About the cloth sim, since the couch was very high poly the cloth took very long to react to all of those poly’s that’s why it’s a little low poly. Thanks again!

Beautiful. Just a tip, move a copy of the couch to another layer and decimate (under modifiers) it a number of times. That should give you a reduced poly count with out changing the shape of the couch (I hope). Then you can run the cloth sim with a higher poly count. I think that should work.

Elsdon: Thanks for liking my render! About the tip, your right (feeling stupid I couldn’t come up with that myself). I’m going to try this out tomorrow, adding more views aswell so stay tuned!