may be nice features for 2.35 ?

hmm … i am hidiing in off-topic since coder’s staff is baking 2.34 right now and i think it is going to be “real good one”.
but beeing user, says "hobby artist, animator … " and accidentially knowing C,C++ coding and math … and stuff … i thought some nice little things might be usefull… and i did : :expressionless:

let me know what you think on it

I think you mean 2.35, not 2.45. :slight_smile:

It might be a few years for 2.45 :stuck_out_tongue: , considering if they do the numbers in order factoring in 10 versions yet to go.

lol wow 2.45 already where has it all gone :D. went really fast aye :P.

whats up with the enji thing it makes my cube dissapear its cool the you can change view but i cant see anything!!!

Hi bjornmose, I had a play around with your new developments, they look very useful. I’ve always hated weightpainting but this might make it a bit more bearable if I can see whats going on a bit better.

The texture painting was good. The only suggestion of improvement I have is that when i painted a line in the image window, when i let go of the mouse button blender sort of freezes for a second while it’s updating the texture view which is a bit annoying. It would be good if i could paint as much as i liked and then hit spacebar to have all the updates happen at once. Sorry if theres already something like that there but i missed it.

The muscle constraint looks good too but i’m nowhere near good enough at Blender to be able to understand what it does or get it working! Do you have a Blend already setup that I could play with?

Anyway, thanks for all your work!!

I did extend/update the page/site

with blends and short intro

yeah man…this could be the answer to those nasty unwanted mesh deformations :-?
I would like to see something like real muscles…parts of the mesh grows bigger when mesh bends in a certain axis…maybe a relative key constraint to the bone and the verts grow bigger… could be possible or something in this way…
it can be done by hand (involving a lot of work to make it look acceptable)…so there must be a way to script this…

Cool bjornmose!!! :o :o

Here is my first try. Took me ages to get it decent looking like this:

hmm … may be not too obvious but this constraint is growing the mesh perpendicular to the muscle when it gets shorter, so that the volume of the muscle keeps constant.


Good work, this is the way it was meant to be used!

And yes, tweaking vertex groups is still a pain , anyway.