May be Thi's my last renders with Blender

Because the status of Blender, I’m learning Animation Master :frowning:
I love Blender But I don’t want stay with an closed pieze of software forever.

I think it’s really sad that you’re going away. :frowning:
Remember us…

Regarding your pics, I love them very much! The texturing is awesome, and so is the lighting.


i love the textures and the lighting looks so realistic.

that’s absolutely beautiful.
extremely powerful.
i love the torches and general atmosphere…

i love 9it, looks great

i had a question for you

do you have a ,blend of your electrical arc?

Nice images, sad to see another BlenderHead drifting away :frowning:


Thanks to everybody by the comments :wink:

Sorry, but I was lost all my .blends because a harddisk failure.
Clues: Marble Texture + ColorBand + IPO XYZ Offsets

too bad i like your work.
as long as there is a community blender wont die!
as ive said to others,so long and im sure youll be around from time to time.


I really like the atmosphere, texturing and lighting of this. The flames and smoke look very good too. I really hope this is not the last work we are going to see from you!

May be.

Your script is a good thing to come back :wink:

Good luck!

/me pours glue on Caronte’s working chair at Blender Workstation…


Incredible! The only thing missing is the soot from the torches.
It’s hard to belive you’re going to abandon a tool that lets you make images/scenes like that. Would you park and walk away from one of the best cars you ever owned just because they quit making it?

I don’t want to make static scenes or fly-by animations.
I’m tired because:

*The bad antialias
*The bad shadows
*The bad lens flares
*The limited particles
*The bad bones setup
*The unfinished features like RVK (Oh my good I can’t assign names and the selection picking a line is a shit) and many others
*The Obsolete texture manager

Well, i’m tired of writing :smiley:

When you spend more time tweaking the scene than to be create the scene it self, you are lossing your time.

I want to create animations to show actors giving histories.

And I continue sayng I love Blender very much.

(Sorry for my poor English)

/me cries over Caronte’s departure from our midst :frowning:

But i also agree that blender is sometimes a real pain in the ASS. especially the lack of uv specularity, bump and translucency maps; and the crappy armatures system (which is good for a program thats free :slight_smile: ), and i myself are looking forward to buying lightwave (whatever the version may be in about 2 years :-? ).

i still luv blender for what it offers for such a low price (only the download time costs money)