May I use Blender 2.5 now???

Hi I’m new in Blender. I find this software nice but since I’m a newbee here and find the 2.4x GUI akward for me, I have a simple question…May I use the last Blender 2.5 SVN r23512 instead the 2.49 version??? (fully functional) I don’t care about the new features in 2.5 but just how the stuff are setup (windows etc…) cuz I found more clear than the previous versions…I load a Big Buck Bunny scene in it and works…


Of course you may use it, you are a free man! :smiley:

Just remember that 2.5 is not yet even in beta. Some basic modelling tools have not yet been implemented and any tutorials you may use to help you learn blender will be much more difficult to follow.


Its nice to hear such great things about 2.5 from somebody new!

However, I’d stick with 2.4x for your “production enviornment”. 2.5 just isn’t ready yet. As stated above, there are still many features missing, and bugs present, which is to be expected at this point in its development. Furthermore, 2.5 will not match up with any 2.4x tutorials you find, and atm some of the keyboard shortcuts don’t match up with 2.4x or what they will be in the final release.

I personally use 2.49b for my “production enviornment” (though I haven’t managed to complete a project in a long time), and and compile a 2.5 build to play around with cool new features.

I’ve been constantly testing 2.5, awaiting what I consider “production readiness.” It’s not there yet. Stick with 2.49 for now.

I am trying to use 2.5 for production today, but it isn’t really usable yet. There are still a lot of features missing and/or they are buggy. I wouldn’t recommend learning 2.5 at the moment. Maybe in one month. Right now you would just stumble about bugs and you would be frustrated, because you would think the way the tools work sucks.

In my opinion you should learn 2.49 and test 2.5. Because without tutorials, especially when you are new to 3d, it would be really har to learn blender without tutorials. And when you learned some basic 2.5 differences it would be much easier to emigrate when 2.5 beta gets out. And focus on modelling and shading, most of the tools there are already done and will not be changed too much, and when it comes to each area of blender, it takes much more than just tutorials to learn (not nessesairly to master).

I’d say the modeling tools are pretty far from being usable.

Not really, all that is missing is the midpoint cut and cut tool. Also maybe the ability to make primatives bigger or smaller. But it is possible to start modeling in blender 2.5.:evilgrin:

And loopcut ;). Besides it doesn’t work like loopcut in 2.49 yet, it also is bugged. Sometimes it doesn’t set the cut or it just seems like it doesn’t make a cut and later on you see the cut or after an undo. Flip normals is always sometimes buggy.

I was modeling an iPod touch today and I can asure you, there are still a lot of things that need to be done before you can call Blender production ready about modeling (and also other stuff. Btw there are many crashes in some areas of Blender. So no I wouldn’t say it is possible to start modeling - at least not for a beginner. It would be to frustrating in my opinion.

emulate numpad and center view to cursor is missing _ – emulat numpad is there but it doesnt work like in 2.49 I really want that

  • at least not for a beginner. It would be to frustrating in my opinion.
    Yeah all beginners should stay to the official version of blender. And learn that before they experiment. If you plan to use 2.5 save often!:wink:

I’ve only made scant use of the official builds compared to other members when I started downloading SVN versions.

I’ve already rendered out at least 3 images with 2.5 partly because I just love the new bumpmapping and not wanting to go back to using the slow octree for raytracing.

2.5 is mainly for scenes you can do with few modeling tools mainly (like some mechanical modeling), I would try organic creature modeling yet unless you want to render out a model created in 2.49.

True, save often but also understand that what you create in whatever version of 2.5 that you have may not work at all in future builds of 2.5.

Funny you ask this today. Because today one developer made a commit that breaks loading of some older 2.5 files.

aligoriths comment on his commit:
… I’ve also cleaned up the nomenclature of the rotation-related settings so that the naming styles are more consistent with each other. Unfortunately, this will break all files involving object or bone rotation animation made in 2.5 versions (2.4x will still get correctly converted). …

Blender 2.5 is under heavy development and is not production ready, at all.

And files made with wip 2.5 are not guaranteed to work with the final 2.5… One of Algorithms latest commits breaks old 2.5 files but 2.4x files still load correctly. But start learning today, try it out.

edit: aaaw! too late… by seconds!

Is there a tenative release date for 2.5 yet? I’m giving a talk on Blender in mid November and don’t want to be dispensing obsolete info.


Wait a minute, why does the last star still say 2.6? Did Ton just not change it yet because you can’t just go from a 2.5 beta release to 2.6 final:eek:

@Artkansas: Looks like Beta 0 should be available just in time for your presentation. :wink:

The final release is scheduled for mid 2010 though so your talk will not be obsolete for a while. Exciting times for Blender. :slight_smile:

Edit: @CD: The 2.5 series has been officially changed to a Beta series. See last weeks developer meeting notes.