May someone help me please?

Good day to all,

I want to make a funtion that, whereever the hand is, the fingers would be just able to move … like a normal hand ( also bend down, left and right, but without diagonal moving)… I think it has to be grouped with en Empty. I tried much but i doesnt work :spin:. Please help me, thank you!

I think what you want is called an IK chain. It will let you pill on a finger, and make the whole hand move if you would like.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: .

I don’t understand your problem. but the first thing I notice is that your rolls are all wrong in that hand. This means the axis of rotation is screwed up and the fingers will bend in wierd angles. You need to turn on “axis” in the armature tab (this will show the axis) and then, for each bone, go to the bone tab and you’ll see “roll” adjust that value until the axis are inline with the directions fingers should bend

Uiiii thank you JoJoe, but there is problem that i just learn using IK today :frowning: so i cannt make it yet :frowning: I understand like this, that i group the finger bones to the hand bone with constraint function. and Copy rotation?

I will try it, thank you daren

@Daren where can I find this “roll” to deactivate directions that i want not to exist?

You need to be in pose mode, then there is a panel in the bone tab called “Transform Locks” disable unwanted axis

you find roll when the armature is in edit mode

I DID IT I DID IT !!! Thank you ^^