May The Force Be With You Or So They Say ;)

so guys any star wars fans here in blenderia ??

i’m just getting into the culture after rewatching the movies and trying to find a good way to read/watch all canon-stories (i just watched a video about General grievous and man the made him a pushover in the movie even without the plotarmor helping obi-one.)

so i thought why not start a thread with my fellow blender users to chat about a good sci-fi story
tell us about your favorite character,movie,scene,cosplay,videogame…

cheers mates and may the force be with you!!

No speaking of religion here :stuck_out_tongue:

lol :smiley:

im 1/2 jedi on my father’s side.

if we’re talking about religion then i should cancel my plan of talking about JRR Tolkien work in another thread

you got a jedi name BPR?? i’m more of sith so call me “Darth Morgot” (there is a pun/joke/whatever there see if you can spot it)

Yes, it’s BluePrintRandom =)

So what is up? i saw Rouge One preview and it looked to have nothing to do with The Force Awakens. What is up with that? Are we left hanging? Will Rey and BB8 save us all?