Maya 5.0 PLE is available for download if you are interested

If you are like me and like to play with other 3D apps too, Maya 5.0 PLE is available for download as of today at:


EDIT: Oh brother. Since everyone seems to find it necessary to point out the obvious I will just put it up here…

This is the “Personal Learning Edition” and as such includes a big fat ugly watermark on anything you try to render and to get rid of it you need to purcahse the software which costs a couple thousand dollars.

Great toy, but after the “fun” is over and you want to put in some real 3d work the price may max out your credit card.

Since we’re all about Blender around here we Blender users often find that it is best to play with Blender and learn about the 3d process. Then if we want to turn our hobby into something useful we can setup a demo reel. Maybe we can setup a website of our best Blender works and promote it. Enter a 3d contest or two. All this without worrying about rendering watermarks, etc. Call me silly but this seems to be the best option for most of us Blender users.

Oh yeah, learn all that you can about other great 3d tools. Then you can add that knowledge to improve your Blender skills or the Blender software features.

Of course! There’s a lot we can learn from exposure to other ways of doing things.

not available for linux? there goes that learning experience :slight_smile:
(like I would have had time for it anyways)


JA-forreal -

Yeah, uh, I know this is a blender forum. That is why I am here.

Some around here are trying to help with the 2.3 reworking of the UI of Blender, and being familiar with how other apps label functions and do things can be helpful in creating a Blender that, while not a copy cat, is more intuitive for current users of other apps.

Like I said, if anyone wants to play with Maya the latest version is available.

As you said, unless you have a couple thousand bucks laying around, probably all you will do is play with it though.

:< [>] watermark [!]

Not positive on this but I think it installs C-Dilla spyware also

bah, what about us without windows xp, or that run linux?
(I dual boot 98SE and linux)

I’ll stick with blender, thanks

Wah! I can’t even download it or anything, dosn’t work :frowning:
Maybe I shouldn’t have uninstalled IE (might have worked through that) %| :wink:
Oh well I don’t need some underpowered week watermarked pos software, I’ll stick to blender than, thank you very much :smiley:

I don’t have enough RAM. :frowning:

But with Maya all my renders will look just awesome and I will get hired by a big company. They don’t hire me now because I use Blender which has no raytracer.

But with Maya all my renders will look just awesome and I will get hired by a big company. They don’t hire me now because I use Blender which has no raytracer.


Flamebait indeed…but we have to resist. Anyway…Maya has become an industry standard. One would be wise to invest the money if persuing a career in the 3d field. I know it is expensive, but entirely worth it.

I know this is sort of off topic, but…

Want to know something REALLY lame about Maya? I found this guy who has a legit copy of Maya 4.0 Unlimited and wanted to sell it to me for $125.00. I’m not trying to trash Blender, but for $125.00 I thought it would probably be worth it - as QWERT pointed out, being and “industry standard” and all. But guess what?

I contacted Alias and Maya’s license is NON-TRANSFERABLE!!! As in you pay thousands of dollars and you don’t even get a license to use the software! You get a license for YOU to use the software on YOUR computer.

Talk about money sucking leeches!! :<

Regarding Nico’s post about how in Maya your renders will look “just awesome” - I have always heard people say that Maya’s render kind of stinks. Of course people say that about Blender too, and I have seen what it is capable of, so I don’t know.

man, i thought blender was hard, but at least i could see results relativley quickly, and it had a kickass community, and it was sort of easy to find out how to do something without far too much hassle.

conclusion: screw you! go Blender! w00p!

I think some people’s sarcasm detectors need a bit of tuning… Especially after seeing what nico is capable of doing with Blender’s renderer :slight_smile:

Gee, thanks.

I’m sorry but this loyalty to an app thing is about as assinine to me as the whole “chevy vs ford” thing.

Get a grip people.

If the very idea of trying out a demo of another piece of 3D software makes your blood boil - perhaps it about time that you get up from your computer and go play outside for a while. Maybe run around the house a couple times or something. But get over it.

There are a lot more important things in the world to be getting worked up about.

I’d love to learn some maya but I’m stuck on a win98 600 machine :frowning:
-and some xsi and motion builder and houdini. I want to learn it all!!!gnashing of teeth

off topic indeed:

That’s one of the biggest beefs with most Linux and open source users. When someone acquires a proprietary software license they are merely paying to use the software. They are not purchasing the software as in say, a purchase of a book. After you’ve read it you can give it away or sell it. Not so with proprietary software. Plus, MOST hackers are not the recipients of these lease license fees (after they have done the work and coded a program). Someone bought their time and made a million on them. It really does encourage piracy. I don’t mind someone making a buck but it’s the loud blood sucking sound that gets me.

Not all closed source software licenses are non-transferable.