Maya 8.5 for Linux interface problems

I’ve installed Maya 8.5 on Ubuntu (I converted the rpms using alien, and it worked), and it works perfectly, except for a few things that are more than likely just bugs.

However, they are anoying, and I’d like to know if there is any way to fix them. The problems are:

  1. selecting objects by clicking and dragging doesn’t update the size of the box in realtime, and sometimes it doesn’t draw the box. Note that the selection works flawlessly, I just can’t see what will be included in the selection sometimes.

  2. If I try to scroll through settings (like in the attribute editor or the render settings), it doesn’t display properly when scrolling up. It drags the bottom part with it, making weird, glitchy buttons that drag throughout the menu, and repeated patterns. Note, I can click the buttons, and I can operate the controls like normal, but its hard to tell where the controls are and sometimes you can’t even see them.

All this leads me to believe that I have to enable some things in xorg.conf, (and I’ve already enabled CIOverlay), but I don’t know what all of them are. Also, I have an nVidia GeForce 6600.

I have to use Maya for my 3D class, and I also want to use Maya in conjunction with Blender. I also figured there are a lot of Linux geeks here, and they’d be willing to help a fellow Blenderhead try to get a commercial app working (shows how great Blender is).

Note: Maya uses Motif, so I’m basically asking how I can get motif to work properly.

If you are running Compiz? Disable it or anything that does fancy OpenGL desktop effects.

I’m guessing you don’t have a problem with Motif. I think it’s more likely to be an Nvidia driver problem. Maybe downgrade to earlier versions?

No, I don’t have Compiz or Beryl running. Nor am I using XGL, just standard X11.

How do you downgrade drivers in Ubuntu?

i have a geforse fx 5200 and Maya 8.0 on ubuntu 7.04 have the same annoyances. :stuck_out_tongue:

its still usable though.

True. And the framerate is better than Windows. But I still don’t like the interface glitches.


Simply launch maya like above. It will disable some unneeded motif visual effects and will allow your maya UI to run like a charm.

hope this helped.

I have problems with maya not letting me scrub the timeline and playback sounds correctly. Also playblasts don’t work. So I am forced to used windows. :frowning: