Maya animation to Blender script


I’m actually working on a studio and for my job, I need to create Smoke and used Blender.

So I’ve created this small script that export *.obj sequences from Maya, and then import it to Blender :

For productivity reason, I didn’t take time to make an interface (maybe next time).

You’ll need to paste this script to Maya script editor and change the first 3 variables :
Note : do not write .obj after the file name

int $startFrame = 1;
int $endFrame = 24;
//Linux user
string $file = "/home/you/folder/file"
//Windows user (uncomment the next row and comment the previous one)
//string $file = "C:\\your\\folder\\file"

for ($i=$startFrame; $i <= $endFrame; ++$i)
	currentTime $i;
	file -op "groups=1;ptgroups=1;materials=0;smoothing=1;normals=1" -typ "OBJexport" -pr -es ($file + $i);

Then in Blender 2.5 (do not work with 2.4 and before), paste the next script in the text editor, change the first 3 variables and Run Script
(same variable and do not write .obj after file name)

Note : Create a new file to import you obj sequence is safer.

import bpy

startFrame = 1;
endFrame = 24;

file = "/home/you/folder/file"
#file        = "C:\\your\\folder\\file"

i           = startFrame
bpy.ops.import_scene.obj(filepath=(file + str(i) + ".obj"))



i1          = 1
while i <= endFrame:
    bpy.ops.import_scene.obj(filepath=(file + str(i) + ".obj"))
    bpy.ops.object.join_shapes()["Mesh"].data.shape_keys.keys[i1].value = 0.0["Mesh"].data.shape_keys.keys[i1].keyframe_insert("value", frame=(i-1))["Mesh"].data.shape_keys.keys[i1].value = 1.0["Mesh"].data.shape_keys.keys[i1].keyframe_insert("value", frame=(i))["Mesh"].data.shape_keys.keys[i1].value = 0.0["Mesh"].data.shape_keys.keys[i1].keyframe_insert("value", frame=(i+1))
    i += 1
    i1 += 1["Mesh"].data.shape_keys.keys[i1 - 1].value = 1.0["Mesh"].data.shape_keys.keys[i1 - 1].keyframe_insert("value", frame=(i))
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this may be of interest to you :
it’s a .ma importer i am working on (on and off) supports cameras, emptys and basic animation atm.