Maya Auto Retopology

This is among the best auto retopology, able to preserve shapes.

It’s great you just need Maya.
(3D Coat auto retopo functions are far from that quality)

Could this quality come to Blender about auto retopo, or just forget it and stay with Maya for such work ?

Does it only work on hard surface models? How well does it do on organic shapes (i.e., character sculpts)?

its bound to come to Blender just need patience. I would be surprised if machine learning open source methods don’t spring up this year that are superior to both Maya and 3DSMax ‘current’ retopo…

This is the original version of Adesk’s ‘Reform’ tech, which is now in Max and has been greatly improved from the Maya version. It was part of Maya ‘bonus tools’ for a few years, but is now officially part of it.

One of the key workflow aspects of it is to use the companion tool(developed specifically for Reform) that runs the mesh through a pre,quad-retop, by first retopping the mesh into an evenly sized triangulation step. This greatly improves the final result.