Maya Camera Import to Blender

Is there a script or plug-in to import cameras from maya to blender? I really need it to work on some complicated shots for compositing in after effect. Like rendering out something with real flow in blender the adding the actual scene exported with blender but the only way to do that is if I can import cameras. Or is there a way to export a camera in blender and import it in maya?

Does anyone have some ideas?? could i use collada??

did you try any formats they have in common yet?

Yes I found the solution you can export entire sense from Blender to Maya via exporting it as a Autodesk FBX file. after that then you can import whatever is in maya to RealFlow to then render out and composite with blender inside of After Effects, which was what i wanted to do. Thank you for giving me the idea it took a little while to discover.