maya collada export to Blender problem

Hi all,

I hope this is a good place to post this.

I am trying to get a my model, skin, bones, and animation from Maya into blender. I am using collada and I keep getting errors when importing the file. I can get just a mesh in with collada with out problem.

Does anyone have an advice?

Thanks in advance.

Can it be with Collada versioning? There is some changes between 1.3 and 1.4 in Collada structure formatting. Are you using the same import version in Blender, as you use for output in Maya? If your Blender does not have 1.4 import, you can find the script somewhere in net. I don’t know if the Blender Collada import is full-featured. Collada format is an complex structure, and it is not easy to make import routines for it.

Post some of your error messages, maybe someone understands about them.

here is the errors spitting back from the blender console

And what about using the import Collada 1.3.1 script? I think it can be found in net somewhere too, if your Blender does not have it. Put it on your scripts folder, and try again.

I have done the 1.3.1 as well and nothing comes in at all.
the console just says import time: 0.354969

i did look at the collada version i am using to export from Maya and it the latest one.

btw thx for your time and trying to help me.

My guess would be Maya uses Collada version 1.3. If you open the .dae-file with text-editor you can read (about line 2) the text <COLLADA version=“x.xx” …>. But i think the Blender import implementation for Collada 1.3 is only partial, so the meshes may be all you can get from there.

I’m also trying to import a collada file from Maya as well, and I looked at line two of my collada file and it said that its version of collada was 1.4.0
Here’s the exact line:
<COLLADA version=“1.4.0” xmlns=“”>
Yet, I still can’t import my collada file into blender. Somehow, I have been getting the following error every time I import a collada:
“AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘split’”

It looks like you’re importing using blender 2.4x

collada export/import was re-written for 2.5, so you may have more success using 2.5! (and at least it’s being maintained, so if it doesn’t work you can file bugs and they’ll probably get fixed!

you should probably use the opencollada plugin for maya to export if you go this route!

NB the animation system was re-written for 2.5 so you won’t be able to transfer imported data back to 2.4 without loosing animation unfortunately.