Maya Config Addon for Blender, Version 3.2

Maya Config for Blender is now in Version 3.2
Preview on Youtube

It contains a Maya-centric navigation for tumble, drag and zoom, QWER set to transform widgets, and various hotkeys that will be familiar. Also contained are a Marking Menu for jumping between Object Mode and various component modes (edge, faces, verts) and a Quad Menu (for jumping from Perspective to Orthographic and selecting particular orthographic views). A side bar allows for quickly toggling on/off the 3D cursor, jumping between active camera and perspective, and toggle between the Maya hotkeys and Blender hotkeys.

Other Features:

  • Selecting/dragging outside of an object while in the Move/Rotate/Scale widgets deselects instead of transforming.
  • A version of MyAlt for Blender particular to this setup
  • Modeling Tab defaults to Object Mode instead of Edit Mode.
  • Add/Subtract/Difference selections using Shift, Ctrl, Ctrl + Shift, while in transform widgets (Move, Rotate, Scale)

The config is free on Gumroad

See more here:


This is the last nail on Autodesk’s coffin :slight_smile:

Just added a Special Tools Menu to the newest edition of the Config, Version 3.3. It’s activated by Shift + RMB. See it in action here
(Please note, 3D cursor movement has been changed to Ctrl + Shift + RMB)


I would like to ask if this plug-in is available on blendermarket or artstation marketplace.

Will this work with 3.0?

The newest version of Pro, 1.9, which has just been released, does indeed work with Blender 3.0, as does the Maya Config Addon (Version 3.9)

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