Maya Config Addon for Blender, Version 3.2

Maya Config for Blender is now in Version 3.2
Preview on Youtube

It contains a Maya-centric navigation for tumble, drag and zoom, QWER set to transform widgets, and various hotkeys that will be familiar. Also contained are a Marking Menu for jumping between Object Mode and various component modes (edge, faces, verts) and a Quad Menu (for jumping from Perspective to Orthographic and selecting particular orthographic views). A side bar allows for quickly toggling on/off the 3D cursor, jumping between active camera and perspective, and toggle between the Maya hotkeys and Blender hotkeys.

Other Features:

  • Selecting/dragging outside of an object while in the Move/Rotate/Scale widgets deselects instead of transforming.
  • A version of MyAlt for Blender particular to this setup
  • Modeling Tab defaults to Object Mode instead of Edit Mode.
  • Add/Subtract/Difference selections using Shift, Ctrl, Ctrl + Shift, while in transform widgets (Move, Rotate, Scale)

The config is free on Gumroad

See more here:


This is the last nail on Autodesk’s coffin :slight_smile:

Just added a Special Tools Menu to the newest edition of the Config, Version 3.3. It’s activated by Shift + RMB. See it in action here
(Please note, 3D cursor movement has been changed to Ctrl + Shift + RMB)

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I would like to ask if this plug-in is available on blendermarket or artstation marketplace.

Will this work with 3.0?